2020-07-16 Interview with CRO-MAGS due to "In The Beginning"

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Even though CRO-MAGS singer Harley Flanagan seemed to be a bit surprised by the unexpected success of the latest album, he was kind enough to take the time to answer my questions, despite being obviously quite busy. The way he answered the questions reminded me a bit of some other diva in the music business. But read for yourself.Interview

Hey guys, congratulations on that "In The Beginning" monster of a comeback album that you released. I love the punch and the energy of that recording! When did you decide that it's time to record a new album?

When I settled the CRO-MAGS business and stopped other people from illegally using the trademark. I think content wise, the timing of the release could not have been better, considering what´s going on in the US and in NYC currently?

How has the drastically changing political situation influenced your songwriting?

It hasn´t.

Do you think there is a real chance for a change in September?


How is the situation of the local Hardcore scene in NYC?

I don´t know, I haven´t really been a part of it since the 80´s. When you invent something you don´t play with it or dwell in it forever you keep going. You move on with your life and do other things. I went on and helped create Thrash or Crossover or whatever you wanna call it. Now, I just see it all as music. I don´t write in a genre, I just write what I like. The NYHC scene really hasn´t meant anything to me since ´86.

There are really a lot of Thrash giants from eighties around, quite successfully one may add. Do you have any favorite new bands and did some of them might even had an impact on your album?

I like some of the bands I have seen on tour, but no, not really. 

I was really impressed by the sound of the record. Can you unveil any gear secrets with what and how you recorded?

I use Ampeg, Guild and Fender, I still write the same way. I love recording, it´s a lot of fun. I am actually in the studio working on the next record now.

Thank you for taking the time for my questions, stay healthy and hopefully we will see you back on tour soon!

My pleasure!