2020-08-06 Interview with CORY MARKS due to "Who I Am"

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CORY MARKS is the new rising star of the Outlaw Country / Country-Rock scene. With his song “Outlaws & Outsiders” (feat. Ivan Moody of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, Travis Tritt and Mick Mars of MÖTLEY CRÜE) he got into the Top 10 of the US Active Rock Radio. His first album "Who I Am" is ready for the fans and will be released on the 7th of August 2020. As I already had been in contact with CORY MARKS via Instagram before and during my review of his album, I took the opportunity to make an interview with him. Interview

You sort of introduced the "Country Metal" genre to a broad audience by putting "Outlaws & Outsiders" into the charts. How would you describe your music style?

I'm a country artist with Rock´n´Roll attitude. I grew up on Country, Rock and Metal into my teens and I love all three of those genres. I´d like to be an artist who can do it all and represent each one of those styles. 

Can you give our readers a little insight on how you managed to record a song with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and Mick Mars from MÖTLEY CRÜE?

I´m the first and only Country artist on my label Better Noise. It´s an honor to be the flagship artist on such a diverse label mainly consisting of Hard Rock and Metal bands. That being said FIVE FINGER and MÖTLEY CRÜE are my label mates, we didn´t want just anyone on the song either we wanted artists that could relate to this song and I´m really glad Ivan Moody and Mick Mars loved the song as much as I did and what it represents. 

How much autobiographical can one find in your lyrics, overall it seems to be a really authentic album? 

My album "Who I Am" tells my story over the last five years, the good, bad and the ugly. I think everyone can relate to a song on the record and it represents me as an artist and musician Country, Rock & Metal. 

The authenticity can also be found in your Instagram account. Very impressive work there, how much time are you investing in this and are you still doing this by yourself? 

My team helps me out with certain posts which I´m thankful for cause it can get quite crazy at times. I do invest a lot of time into it as it´s a great platform to connect with my fans from around the world especially now during these crazy times where we can't tour. 

Hopefully you have plans to tour through Europe in the post Covid19 time? 

I can´t wait!! 

How far is the pilot license? 

Hopefully the flight schools open back up this fall, that´s when I would like to have it completed. With good weather and time to fly every day I would like to finish it within three weeks. I currently have about 80 hours of flying time and a dozen of those are flown solo. I´m going to do the written test at the end of the summer, finish my flying hours, then do the flight test this fall. 

As you know, you already have a big fan base in Germany (Top 5 in the Rock radio charts with "Outlaws & Outsiders" – editor´s note). What is your favorite German band? 

I´m very thankful for all the love Germany has shown and I can't wait to visit and tour. It would be pretty amazing if my first number one in my career comes from Germany! I´ve always been a fan of RAMMSTEIN!!