2014-02-06 Goodtime Boys

Band anzeigen
by Gast
Another awesome show with DEFEATER, CASPIAN and LANDSCAPES ended and after having some rest, Alexander of the GOODTIME BOYS was willing to answer a couple of questions, not only regarding plans for the upcoming summer.InterviewCould you explain how you got together back in 2009? What was your main motivation to make music?

We started a long time ago as a group of friends, just for fun. We didn't have too many songs, we just wanted to be a hardcore band. It changed over the past couple of years, we got a lot more serious about it.

Would you say that there is a common theme in your music? Or do you consider questions as those to be unnecessary because you want it to speak for itself?

Hopefully the music can speak for itself but I understand when people tend to put things in boxes or have classifications. I don't mind this question at all. I would say we used to be a hardcore band and now we are more like post-hardcore/emo band. With our songs now, we try to have a more positive perspective and philosophical ideas.

You have been releasing with various independent record labels Bridge Nine Records / Tangled Talk Records / Holy Roar Records, what's up with that?

Tangled Talk was the first label that cared about us and they brought our first EP out. Holy Roar wanted to put this out as a CD separately, they did that as well but that didn't stop our relationship with Tangled Talk. We did a tour with PIANOS BECOME THE TEETH and after that Bridge Nine got in touch with us . So now our albums come out exclusively through Bridge Nine but we still release Splits and 7'' with Palm Reader records.

I really like your artwork. Is there any kind of correlation between the music you are creating and the artwork you chose?

We are really lucky because our guitar player Sam does the artwork as he is a professional graphic designer. So we can just sit down together, see what the record is all about. He basically works everything out when it comes to that with all of us and does exactly what we want.

After having a split CD with SELF DEFENSE FAMILY are there any collaborations planned so far with other befriended bands?

We don't have any actual plans but after our new LP 'Rain' comes out, we would like to do some splits at the end of the year. We are planning a summer tour in late July and August around all in Europe. We hopefully will be with SELF DEFENSE FAMILY as well. But we will just see what is going to happen.

So any chance that you play at any kinds of festivals in Europe this year?

Fluff Fest is definitely the number one choice, so I really hope so. I personally have been to Fluff Fest for the last four years. Last year I wasn't playing but was there with my wife. We as GOODTIME BOYS were confirmed last year as well but didn't do the whole tour then because of couple of member changes. Back then we thought it would be best to focus on writing the new record. It's a shame to do a summer tour and not to be at Fluff Fest but then again, I don't really regret that decision as we now have this new record we are really proud of!

Is there a significance or deeper meaning to your band logo, the triangle with the circle and anchor in the middle?

The triangle and the circle is for me just took a new meaning recently, I like to think that it represents different perspectives, taking a step back and having a focus on the small things in life.

You did a cover of KATE BUSH. Are you like, a real 80s fan?

We wanted to do something strange or somewhat different and I think 'Hound of Love' by KATE BUSH is a really amazing record. We basically just wanted to do something old and very british. She is a great song writer. We found it to be a little bit more interesting than just doing another JOY DIVISION cover. Something a little out of the box.

If you were supposed do a headliner tour: who would you like to be supported by?

We only go on tour with our friends. We would probably take GNARWOLVES and PUNCH because that's my wife's band. So, that would be perfect for me!

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