2015-04-16 Cancer Bats

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Canadian metalpunk kids CANCER BATS have become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to impressive, intense records and sweaty live shows. Their new record "Searching For Zero" proves that the band is versatile and even though the record is very different wehn comapred with "Dead Set On Living" it still bears all CANCER BAT trademarks. We talked with shouter Liam a few days before the band embarked on a european tour with WHILE SHE SLEEPS, OATHBREAKER, and HUNDRETH.Interview

"Searching For Zero" has been released two weeks ago - how's the feedback you've received from fans and media?


So far the response has been great! Reviews have been coming in from all over the world and they've all been awesome and then touring kids are singing along and partying for the new jams! Its been amazing!


Do you care for reviews at all? Are you upset by unfair ones, are youhappy after reading a good one?


I'm always stoked on reviews because its nice to hear what people are thinking of the new jams! I like when reviews are honest, if someone isn't feeling what were doing then its interesting to see a different perspective. I fully understand we're not for everyone and neither is hardcore in general, there's always going to be mixed opinions.


How long did you need for the songwriting of "Searching For Zero"?


We took a really long time writing this album because we wanted to make sure we were doing everything right for all the song ideas we had, and also because it was nice to be home for a while in our own beds.


Do you have a main songwriter or is it a collaborative effort?


We always write everything together as a four piece. Everyone will bring different ideas to the table and then it'll be all of us jamming to make it into a CANCER BATS song.


What have been major influences on the songs of "Searching For Zero"? It sounds different to "Dead Set On Living"....


I've always looked at it as an extension of what we started with "Dead Set On Living". We all love that album but we were very serious about not just writing 12 more songs like that album. I think the best way is to think of "Dead Set On Living" is foundation for what we then would build on to make "Searching For Zero".


You've worked with Ross Robinson during the recordings - how would you rate that experience?


I would rate it a 10 out of 10 ! Ross is the best dude ever! We had so much fun in the studio and had so many different ideas and techniques thrown at us! It was the best experience we could have hoped for.


Did you change songs during the recordings? Did Ross contribute new ideas and points of view on songs?


Each song changed in its own way, whether it was just little parts here and there or adding an extra chorus to make something really punch. We had done a lot of pre production before we even went into the studio with Ross, so a lot of the songs were as finished as we could make them on our own, it was then Ross who put all the last finishing touches on them and punched them up to the next level.




Is there a main lyrical theme in the songs?


The whole record revolves around events that took place in the touring of "Dead Set On Living"and how we reacted and moved forward in writing this album and continuing to be a band. Some songs look at the whole year and some on specific events or people.


How important are lyrics to you personally?


Lyrics are incredibly important to me, not only when I'm writing songs but even as a fan. That's what first drew me to punk and hardcore was the amazing lyrics and new ideas and view points these singers were bringing forward. I still think of that when writing lyrics, not only what I'll get from a song but what the listener will take from a song like I did in the past.


You'll be touring with WHILE SHE SLEEPS and OATHBREAKER across Europe - what do you expect from that tour?


I think this tour is going to be a blast! We've known the WHILE SHE SLEEPS guys for a while and they're all the best dudes and while we don't know anyone in OATHBREAKER yet, we're all big fans of their band so were just looking forward to watching their set each night.


What are your further tour plans for 2015?


We have lots more tour lined up for the rest of the year and next.


How much do you enjoy touring? Do you hang out with your band mates much?


We all love being out on tour. We're lucky that we have so many rad people that come out each night and make each stop a total party.


Did your view on touring change over the years?


When we first started touring none of us had apartments or girlfriends so it was definitely different for all of us in those early years where we would be gone for months on end and just living in a van. Now that we have reasons to come home we try and make sure there's a bit more of a balance in how much we're out on the road.


What do you do when you're back home? How soon do you have road fever?


One of the things I love to do when I'm at home is riding motorcycles. I've gotten really into riding all types of bikes and hope to get a dirt bike this season to tear up some trails.


The last words are yours...


Thanks so much for doing the interview and hopefully we'll see you ripping the pit on one of these dates with WHILE SHE SLEEPS!