2015-07-26 After The Fall

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Writing a record after your base player passed away is probably not an easy task for a band. AFTER THE FALL, the punkrock band currently signed to Bridge9 Records, managed that task and made "Dedication" a worthy memory of their deceased friend. I talked to Mike about the album and the band's plans for the rest of the year. Interview

Your new record "Dedication" has been released. How's the feedback from fans and media so far?

Hello! Our fans have all seemed to really like the new record, and the reviews online and in print have all been really positive. I do believe with the help of Bridge 9 and touring in support of the release we've made some new fans as well.

You dedicated the record to your base player, Brian Peters, who passed away in late 2013. Has it been hard to write this album? How much did the songwriting help to get over the loss and the grief and all that?

It was pretty tough to write and record this one, very emotional for everyone involved, however it was cathartic and did help us and all of Brian's family and friends can appreciate the album and it's sentiment.

Which songs are your personal favourites?

Mine would be: reflection, dedication, and Indian ladder.

Which song took the longest time to be written?

Maybe twenty nine, that was the first song I wrote music for and it was kicking around for a year or so before we recorded.

Why did you choose Andrew Berlin and Jason Livermore at the Blasting Room to make "Dedication"?

We record our debut LP at the Blasting Room with Andrew and Jason 9 years prior, and wanted to come back to make "dedication" because it is our favorite studio and we really like working with Andrew Berlin in the studio, he works very fast and efficient with ATF, he gets what's we do, he knows when we have a good take or when we can do it better, he really has the most enthusiastic attitude of any engineer I've ever worked with and he's such a great guy who's always positive never stressed or angry, so yea that's why we decided to do that.

How much impact did he have on the songs and the production?

He really did have a lot of impact on the performances and production, we made the record as "live" as possible without being live.

Your currently signed to Bridge9 Records. How's working with them?

It has been quite the pleasure working with B9 on this release, they really do great work and have been nothing but helpful for our band.

What are your plans for the second half of this year?

July/August we are touring with Such Gold, a few September / October tour dates will follow and we will be back at Fest 14 this year and then touring Europe/UK in December.



Can you live off the band or do have regular jobs when you're not on tour?

No, we are forever in band debt and we will always have to work to pay the bills. But that's ok.

How much time do you commit to the band daily?

On tour it's 24/7. Back home we practice weekly when we can and the booking, promoting, online part of things is a daily grind.

What would you do without AFTER THE FALL?

Not really sure, I've just turned 30 and have been doing this for half of my life... Maybe I would have made better choices, maybe worse haha. However I do not regret any part of it because I am passionate about it and it does make me happy.

The final words are yours....

Listen to Male Patterns, Scuzz, Neutron Rats, Aggressive Response, and Brain Candy.