2014-04-14 Aborted

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ABORTED are coming closer to their 20th anniversary next year. No matter in which line-up they've played, they always delivered to-the-point brutal death metal and set the pace for gore and splatter-infused metal. Their new release “The Necrotic Manifesto” underlines set and shows the band in excellent shape. I've mailed a couple of questions to guitar player Danny (GOD DETHRONED), who answered them during the current ABORTED-US-tour. Interview

You're currently touring the US - how's the tour going so far?


Danny: The tour is going great! Reactions are unbelievable and the new songs are going over well too. We’re on the bus with KATAKLYSM and generally having a good time.


How are the fan's reactions to the new songs of "The Necrotic Manifesto"? Which song of the new album turned out to be a killer live?


Danny: So far we’ve played ‘Necrotic Manifesto’, ‘Your Entitlement Means Nothing’, ‘Extirpation Agenda’ and ‘The Davidian Deceit’ and they’re going over really well. We might add other songs later, but so far we’re really happy with how crowds react to it.


How long did you work on "The Necrotic Manifesto"? How do you handle songwriting duties within the band?


Danny: The complete project took about three months. We started the writing process at the end of October 2013 when we came off the BLACK DAHLIA MURDER tour and had the finished product mixed and mastered at the beginning of February 2014. Pre-production was right after Christmas 2013 and for four days we worked through about 40 demos we had. That sounds like a huge number, but we actually have 5 guys in the band who write and arrange songs. It went really fast.


You've recorded coversongs of CONVERGE and SUFFOCATION - the latter is a no-brainer for a death metal-band, but CONVERGE actually gets covered rarely. why did you pick that song?


Danny: We talked about doing several covers and finally chose three. We also did ‘Arise’ by SEPULTURA. Sven and JB are huge fans of CONVERGE so we went for it.


How much influence did you and Mendel have on the songwriting?


Danny: we had a lot of influence, between the two of us we contributed the most riffs and songs, though we arranged and worked on all parts as a full band.


You've returned to Jacob Hansen for recording duties - did the recording session turn out as planned? How long did you stay in the studio?


Danny: we were in the studio for three weeks, in which time we recorded 18 songs and fully mixed and mastered the record, too. Jacob’s studio is great and he and his assistant Jonas got us to give our best performances but also made it a fun experience. I feel it came out better then I hoped it would be.


And who had the idea for the card game? That's a very cool gift for the buyers of the special edition!


Danny: Sven and I came up with it and executed it, too. It turned out really cool. We played it for the first time a few weeks ago and I’m super proud of the final result!


Do you have any plans for the bands 20year-anniversary in 2015?


Danny: It only came up in the last few weeks with interviews we did and we never thought about it. I don’t think we’ll actually do something about it since we’ll still be touring the new record and we just did a 10th anniversary tour for "Goremageddon" last year. Personally I’m not that big a fan of ‘anniversary’ type affairs. That keeps you locked in the past instead of looking forward.


What do you think, how long will ABORTED remain active?


Danny: Hard to say. I’d say as long as it is still fun. Being away from home is challenging, but so far the rewards and the experience are still worth it. I think as long as that remains true we’ll keep on doing it.


Can you make a living off the band or is more or less spare money for you? And living the rockstar life once in a while?


Danny: Well, we get all the free guacamole and hot sauce we want. Who could ask for anything more?


Greeting, shout-outs, wise words?


Danny: Don’t drop your soap in the shower, stay away from the brown acid and don’t be a asshat!

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