BiografieThere is no doubt that the second full-length album from Norway´s ZYKLON is a platter highly anticipated. Fans and critics alike have followed the album´s progress as various news and music gossip pages have meticulously tracked the band´s trips and sightings during the making of this all-important recording.
And now, with worldwide release set for early September, "Aeon" - as it is titled - will come to represent more than just a stronger and more potent ZYKLON; it will righteously disclose for all a band in possession of steadfast determination, focus and poised to wave their personal banner of musical independence for years to come.

Escalating the extremity factor, Aeon gives witness to equal measure death and black metal. But as those who know ZYKLON´s sound can attest - so much more can and will be found within. Guitarist Samoth and drummer Trym together with guitarist Destructhor and new vocalist/bassist Secthdamon bestow an incredulously cold and calculated metal, a sound that is light years apart from the duo´s later Emperial days. And as monumental as 2001´s "World ov Worms" was ("a mighty, snarling beast," said Malcome Dome/Metal-Is), Aeon´s musical palette needs but a solitary sitting in which to bare its raging power.

Recorded at Akkerhaugen Lydstudioin in Norway and mixed at famed Studio Fredman in Sweden under the watchful eye of Fredrik Nordstrøm, "Aeon" sees Bård "Faust" Eithun returning to handle lyrical duties while Secthdamon takes his first steps on record behind the mike and on bass. Earning his vocal stripes while touring (the band supporting Morbid Angel and Deicide for their maiden US adventure), the drummer turned bassist/vocalist settles perfectly into the position left vacant in late 2001 by Daemon. Destructhor will continue to impress the guitar aficionados with his lightning-fast solos and technique. Add to it the long-respected play of Samoth and the inspiring skins of Trym, "Aeon" is a record that builds upon an already revered sonic recipe.

Founded in 1998, it was evident from the start that ZYKLON was to be more than just a "side project" for the then-Emperor guitarist and drummer. Teaming with Destructhor (also of Myrkskog), the trio´s rehearsals ignited a spark that would put them on the fast track. Enter England´s Candlelight Records. Already home to Emperor, Candlelight was the best and obvious first choice for the band and their recording future. Enlisting Daemon from Limbonic Art for vocals and featuring a guest appearance from Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver, Arcturus), "World ov Worms" was recorded and released February 2001 in Europe and followed in April for the United States. The band would tour worldwide with Morbid Angel and by year´s end the album would find itself upon many magazine and critic "Best of Year" lists.

Work began on Aeon in early 2002 with the band´s writing and rehearsing seeing out the end of the year. Recording commenced in February 2003 with final work completed in May. The album´s cover art was created by long-time friend and accomplished designer Stephen O´Malley.

Whereas previous work catered around the studio, ZYKLON is equally dedicated to the live arena. With festival appearances already confirmed and tours looming on a horizon that will see the band living for the stage till the early months of 2004, "Aeon" will ultimately earn its merit where it ought to - in front of the band´s dedicated and growing fan base.
Quelle: http://www.zyklontribe.comDiscografieWORLD OV WORMS CD 2001

Aeon CD 2003

Storm Detonation Live DVD 2006

Disintegrate CD 2006


Aeon - Cover
Die Betriebs-Metal-Gemeinschaft aus Emperor und Myrkskog setzt zum zweiten Schlag an, und zwar im Schnitt mit eindeutig weniger Geschwindigkeit als beim Erstling "World Ov Worms".
Disintegrate - Cover
Jaja, Zyklon, die von Emperor und Myrkskog, Samoth und Trym und Destructhor und Sechtdamon.