by Gast
BiografieZwartplaag was formed by Onmensch in 2005, the first two demo's were released shortly after and are entitled: "Zwart verderf" and "Pest". Shortly after the release of the second demo a line-up was found in Balgaroth (drums, former drummer of Cryptic Mist, then known as Onrein) and Zwijn (bass, vocals). This line-up quickly disbanded, and left Onmensch again as the only member. Later a new line-up was found in Tiwas (drums, Elite Souls, Doncker), Dagon (vocals, Necrofeast, Blackart), Lyck (bass, Doncker), and Izegrim (vocals, Doncker). A rehearsal recording was made, but never released because Izegrim lost the tape. Shortly after this the band faced some problems and after this only Onmensch, Dagon and Tiwas remained, new material was written, but after a couple of months Tiwas also left the band. In 2008 three songs were recorded with Onmensch on all instruments and Dagon on vocals. Heidens Hart showed interest to release the demo, the tape was released in October 2008. Right before the release a bassist and drummer were found in Wraak (Bass) and Misanthropist(Drums)... After a few live performances a promo tape was released featuring two unmixed and unmastered studio tracks and one track from the previous demo (limited to 200 copies). Somewhere in 2009 Zwartplaag entered the studio again to record the debut full lenght album. After a few more shows (including a last minute performance at the Sathanas In Gloriam fest), Zwartplaag and Wraak decide to part ways. Februari 2010 marked the release for the Zwartplaag debut album entitled "Haatstorm", released as a cooperation between Heidens Hart and Thor's Hammer Productions. Also this same month Zwartplaag entered the studio again to record tracks for an upcoming split with Warwulf, this time Onmensch recorded the bass guitar beside the usual guitar duties, since no new bass player had been found yet. Future releases as well as shows are being planned.Quelle: - Pest (Demo)

2005 - Zwart Verderf (Demo)

2008 - Nachtkwaad (Demo)

2009 - Promo 2009

2010 - Haatstorm

2011 - United Wolfish Hordes (Split)