BiografieFreddy Curci is arguably one of the best vocalists in Rock History. He´s got the combination of vocal talents that all singers strive for. He can sing a ballad with a beautiful, smooth voice like Steve Perry of Journey or Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon and then turn around and belt out rocker with a rough edge on his voice like Brad Delp of Boston.

He started his career in a band called SHERIFF back in 1979, which recorded a classic album and (four years later!) had a number one song in the USA charts, called "When I´m With You". That song put Freddy into the World Records Book for holding a note for almost 30 seconds!

After SHERIFF´s demise, a few years later he became involved in the band ALIAS, together with his former Sheriff bandmate Steve DeMarchi on guitar and ex HEART members Steve Fossen, Mike Derosier and Roger Fisher. Alias released one album in 1989 for EMI worldwide. That record had two U.S. top ten hits: "More Than Words Can Say" and "Waiting For Love", which was penned by famed songwriters Brett Walker and Jeff Paris.

In 1994 Freddy Curci debuted as a solo artist with a cd called "Dreamer´s Road" achieving good success in Canada. Six years later a compilation featuring some unreleased songs was unleashed on the market, marking the start of his cooperation with Frontiers Records who released that album on the Italian market.

The following step was to create a brand new project album which could bring back Freddy’s magical voice on an all new material that could resemble the best production of his ALIAS and SHERIFF days. Freddy then decided to work with a full line up made of professional musicians such as Jason Hook (ex BULLET BOYS) and Joey Scoleri on guitars, Paul Marangoni (KIM MITCHELL, THE WORKS, CONEY HATCH) and Joey Greco on drums, Ken Malandrino on bass and Ross Greene on keyboards. He gathered the best songs from his repertoire written with Steve DeMarchi (ALIAS and SHERIFF songwriting partner), Jeff Paris, Marc Ribler and Bob Marlette, among others.

The resulting record simply entitled ZION is everything the ALIAS fans would have wanted to hear from Freddy and more!