BiografieThe tale of Utgard began in 1994 as a three piece band, including the founding members Raven, Lord Wakboth and J.Möttönen. Soon after in early 1995 it's current guitarist Orch joined the horde to fulfill the mission.

In December 1995 was released the band's first demo Northern Glory offering some harsh, emotional and uncompromising Black Metal. Today, the tape has gained some reputation for it's raw style and dark atmosphere and it was re-issued by Mirgilus Siculorum in 2005.

1997 came out the 2nd demo Nightly Verses. This time it was a bit more melodic and afterwards saying, not the style that the band wanted to perform. After that demo, the band was layed on ice for eight years and the members were involved in their other band Burialmound and performed Satanic Death Metal & did a couple of albums titled Black Death in 2001 and Devil's Work 2005.

Eventually, Burialmound had it's fair share of problems that lead to it's doom, and fate & consequences lead to the reform of Utgard in October 2005 with all of the founding members together again and with new drummer Them. This time the band was much more inspired, older (and a bit wiser) & had more clear vision of how they wanted to sound and began composing new stuff immediately after a few rehearsals.

The band's debut album was released in autumn 2006 by Romanian label Mirgilus Siculorum as a tape version, which then lead to the deal for Cd/Lp releases from Die Todesrune Records. This debut sounds just as the band wanted, as they've recorded & mixed & mastered the whole album by their own, and it's this far the most definite and pure vision of the direction they're going!Quelle: - Thrones And Dominions

2008 - Brethren Of Wolves (Compilation)

2006 - Utgard

2005 - Great Years Of Blood (Reh.-Demo)

2005 - The Ancient Ones (Reh.-Demo)

1997 - Nightly Verses (Promo/Demo)

1995 - Northern Glory (Demo)


Thrones And Dominions - Cover
Mit „Thrones And Dominions“ geht nach dem selbst betitelten Debüt und der Compilation “Brethren Of Wolves” das zweite Album der finnischen Black Metaller ins Rennen, das Freund