Under Siege

Biografie3 years ago when a young band from Hannover / Germany decided to change their name to play more metal-orientated hardcore, noone really believed that this music-style would be ´the next big thing´. Nowadays the scene is flooded with releases and bands trying to crank out some average metal-riffs to mix it up with mosh-parts and breakdowns you have heard a thousand times before already, craving to receive their own small piece of the ´big cake´. But where´s the quality in that? Seriously, 80% of the so called ´metalcore´ bands these days are completely dispensable. To me it is the older bands of that genre that attract me. Bands that are done with playing boring riffs just to attract as many kids as possible. Bands that focus on quality songwriting and musical progression instead.

UNDER SIEGE is one of these bands. I have accompanied their career since day one, I´ve seen them grow as a band and as individual musicians and I´ve seem them go through a lot of shit. Sometimes I was expecting them to call quits but they didn´t. In the meantime I have seen countless bands pass by that did not even have half the passion, half the talent or half the staying power as UNDER SIEGE. Most of these bands are gone already, while UNDER SIEGE is still around.

The band released their impressive debut album ´After the Flood´ in 2003 on LET IT BURN RECORDS, which put them on the map. The release was followed by a full European tour with Canada´s COMEBACK KID and a countless number of single shows and weekend-trips. One year later UNDER SIEGE teamed up with their good friends in A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS to release an outstanding split CD titled ´Ten Angry Men´ also on LET IT BURN RECORDS. More shows and another European tour, this time with THE PROMISE (NYC) and CHAMPION (Seattle), followed. In 2005 UNDER SIEGE had to suffer through members changes and other shit, but manged to resurge in a new line up, stronger and more bonded than ever before. Old and new friendships within the band were the solid basis to divert the course and spit out their best musical material so far. ´Days of Dying Monuments´ was born and is about to mark the band´s most crucial milestone.

So here we are in 2006. Metalcore is still the big deal, and there´s nothing wrong with it as long as you have bands like UNDER SIEGE that are honest, dedicated and progressive. Don´t waste your time on bad dublicates. Go and check out UNDER SIEGE and their latest release ´Days of Dying Monuments´. You will know what I am talking about.

(Chris / Let it Burn (December 2005))Quelle: Days Of Dying Monuments

2004 Ten Angry Men Split w/ ATLJ

2003 After The Flood


Days Of Dying Monuments - Cover
Nachdem UNDER SIEGE gemeinsam mit A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS die coole "Ten Angry Men"-Split veröffentlicht und betourt hatten, entwickelte sich 2005 zum schwarzen Jahr der Bandgeschichte: einige Line Up-We