BiografieAnno 1993: Berserk (guitar) and Nag (bass/vocals) form TSJUDER, who are joined shortly by Draugluin on second guitar in 1994.

After a year of intense rehearsals and writing, the band emerges with the first demo offering entitled "Ved Ferdens Ende". The demo hits the underground with a welcome presence, but it is not long till Berserk leaves the band, and Nag and Draugluin remain the "main force" in the band till the present day.

1996 sees the next demo "Possessed" showing a much "rawer" sound, which fits the TSJUDER style and attitude much better than the previous demo. This year also sees the welcome arrival and departure of Torvus on drums. The band would not replace him till Desecrator joins the folds in 1997, and that year also sees another member, Diabolus Mort, align with the outfit on the second guitar. The recorded result is the EP "Throne of the Goat" released that same year on Solistitium Records, and again strengthening the band's underground following.

However the very near future sees yet another change, and both Diabolus Mort and Desecrator decide to choose a lesser path and leave the band. As we all see by now, this does not stop the metal machine known as TSJUDER, and the band recruits Blod of GEHENNA fame on drums and Arak Draconiiz of ISVIND on guitar.

This line up records a rehearsal demo, entitled "Atum Nocturnem", yet it ends up being released officially by At War Records in 1999 which leads to a record deal with Drakkar Productions for two albums and subsequent tours!

"Kill for Satan" is released to a great response and a tour is planned right away, so fast however that due to prior commitments, Blod steps aside and Anti-Christian steps in behind the drums for the touring duties.

Shortly after in 2000, Arak Draconiiz moves from Oslo and Paal assumes the guitar duties. But his departure is quick. Shortly after follows Anti-Christian, forced to leave due to illness, being replaced by Jontho (RAGNAROK) and they spend the beginning winter months recording what becomes the 2002 release "Demonic Possession". Once again on Drakkar Productions. Norwegian Mester Productions also re-released the "Throne of the Goat" EP on picture disc that same year.

2003 sees the return of Anti-Christian! Jontho's duties in RAGNAROK take him away, and a brother comes back into the fold. This "rejoining" of forces is productive and the band catches the eye of Season of Mist in France. An alliance is made quickly, and "Desert Northern Hell" is created.

TSJUDER recorded their third offence "Desert Northern Hell" in Norway earlier this year. With a better production and more variations in the song structures throughout the album, TSJUDER created an uncompromising milestone of True Black Metal, to be compared with the early ENSLAVED and IMMORTAL albums, in true spirit of the early 90's.

The band split up in 2006, before reforming late 2010. October 2011, TSJUDER are back with a new album. The assault of "Legion Helvete" catapults the trio straight to the forefront of Norwegian Black Metal again – as if they had never split up. Indeed the band has honed their weapons during this break. Yet "Legion Helvete" does not dwell in the past. TSJUDER's songwriting reveals the virtues of maturity and skill, which leads to an uncanny catchiness that never succumbs to the simplicity of added Rock or even Pop structures. "Legion Helvete" remains firmly within the framework of the Black Metal genre true to its roots without trying to curry favour by latching onto any current trend. Yet now TSJUDER are returning stronger than ever. Join the "Legion Helvete"!Quelle: - Ved Ferdens Ende (Demo)

1995 - Div Gammelt Stasj (Demo)

1996 - Possessed (Demo)

1997 - Throne Of The Goat (EP)

1999 - Atum Nocturnem (EP)

2000 - Kill For Satan

2002 - Demonic Possession

2004 - Desert Northern Hell

2006 - Norwegian Apocalypse (DVD)

2011 - Legion Helvete


Desert Northern Hell - Cover
Böse Menschen machen böse Musik.
Legion Helvete - Cover
TSJUDER gehören zu den Bands, die nicht jeder Black Metaller auf dem Schirm hat, da die 1993 von Nag und Berserk gegründete Truppe Zeit ihrer Existenz immer im Schatten deutlich stärker durchgestartet