Torture Squad


Starting their activity in 1990, Torture Squad is a band that has accumulated experience and involvement over the past years with their proper compositions of originality within the style of Death/Thrash Metal. In 1993, after many successful shows, Torture Squad independently recorded their first demo tape titled "A Soul In Hell" which also helped raise their fan base up another level. This demo helped pave the way for an unrelenting, unstoppable career to come.

Fans still screaming for more, Torture Squad signed a deal with the local label Destroyer Records. In 1995 they recorded their first full-length studio album entitled "Shivering" carrying 7 pulverizing tracks! It was delayed a bit due for their search for a label and ended up being released in 1997. Two years later in 1999, Torture Squad presents their second release "Asylum of Shadows" followed by shows throughout Brazil. This album hit Europe and opened up the doors for a 7-show tour throughout Germany in 2000 with the band Grin from Stuttgart.

In January 2001 Torture Squad recorded the track "Mandate For Freedom" for the "William Shakespeare´s Hamlet" project released by Die Hard Records. Between May and August 2001 Torture Squad are busy with yet another pummeling recording, which is up-heaved upon their fans later that year "The Unholy Spell". It was released in CD as well as a limited edition picture disc of only 200 copies. This album gives Torture Squad a chance to do an entire Brazilian tour. Grin not having enough from their tour with Torture Squad in Germany, they join once again and embark on this tour together, and destroying every stage they take throughout Brazil.

"The Unholy Spell" and the March 2002 Extreme Metal Fest in São Paulo Brazil brings Torture Squad to play the opening gig to the headlining band "Monstrosity". In May of the 2002, Torture Squad was invited to play live on the television program Musikaos in Brazil. They also had the chance to record a video for the song "Abduction was the Case" which is running on the program RIFF on MTV Brazil.

In May 2002, Cristiano Fusco and Torture Squad part ways due to personal differences. This was not a setback for Torture Squad. In August 2002 Torture Squad embark on yet another tour throughout the north of Brazil with their new guitarist Maurício Nogueira whom was the ex-Guitarist of Krisiun. By the end of the tour, Torture Squad had 4 songs ready for the following album. 3 songs were written before the tour began, and one song was written during the tour. Returning home, Torture Squad inks a deal with Mutilation Records, which brings them right back into the studio.

Between March and May of 2003, the band was working on their next studio recording. Finally in July of 2003, Torture Squad unleashes their latest masterpiece with a title that gives perfect description of the work set forth "Pandemonium". Mutilation Records sells out the first pressing of "Pandemonium" within a few weeks. The band hits the road again with a 20-show tour in Brazil at the beginning of August selling out all of the merchandise that they had. There have been a lot of reviews including reviews in Rock Brigade and Roadie Crew. The lowest of all reviews was a 9.0 out of 10.

Through the album "The Unholy Spell", the band starts his first brazilian tour with great sucess.

With the stabilized line-up, go to studio to record his 4º album and in 2003 releases "Pandemonium" by Mutilation Records receiving many praises from metal midia, earning the best album of year by Roadie Crew brazilian magazine and a lot of sites. Specially the

The "Pandemonium"’s release includes also limited copies on vinyl records to the fans. In this way, Torture Squad goes to second Brazilian tour with extremely positive balance.

Going back to São Paulo, decide to record a live album and DVD of the same show with the Germany band Desaster on Led Slay Rock Club.

In 2004, the band is the open-act from Dimmu Borgir’s show on Credicard Hall and in the Brasil Metal Union Festival, on Directv Music Hall, Torture Squad were chosen to be headliner. Detail: The bands were chosen by audience through the web.

In the middle of 2004, the band signs with the Paradoxx Music Records to release his 5th album called "Death, Chaos And Torture Alive" together with DVD. Like the proper name says, this album shows the whole fury of band alive.

This moment, they’re starting the preparations about the 3rd Brazilian tour that will cover cities where the Torture Squad never played before.


Quelle: Death, Chaos And Torture Alive (live)

2003 Pandemonium

2001 The Unholy Spell

1999 Asylum Of Shadows

1995 Shivering

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