Through The Ashes

BiografieTHROUGH THE ASHES was found in Summer 2006 by Torsten Horstmann (ex-SYMBIONTIC) as a side-project to realize his musical visions not fitting into the concept of his main band. Combining the energy of modern metalcore/hardcore and oldschool (death-)metal elements/melodies with the aim to create catchy and kicking songs! Quickly finding mates for the instrumental positions and growing as a real band, Torsten decided to completely concentrate on TTA and therefore left his former band. Permanently working on new material, rehearsing and checking out singers it took them until December to find Axel Schulze-Bisting, the perfect man for the job on the microphone. TTA´s first self-produced CD ("The End Of Evolution") is OUT NOW!!!...from there on they will concentrate on their live set to kick your ass on stage (very soon!). So stay tuned.Quelle: The End Of Evolution EP
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The End Of Evolution (EP) - Cover
Einen passenderen Titel für die x-te Metalcore-Scheibe des Jahres hätte man kaum finden können, es bleibt allerdings die Frage offen, ob er so ironisch gemeint war.