Throne Of Katarsis

BiografieSpew forth from a dimension of pitch-black darkness in 2002 anno Sathanas, unholy Norwegian black metal cult Throne Of Katarsis, consisting of Vardalv and Infamroth, has been building up the dark energy it represents ever since, by molding this energy into cold, atmospheric, Satanic compositions of sonic primitivity and epic occultism. With the second full-length ritual being ready, the cult proves to be focusing the vibration of the energy even more, increasing the intensity of its infernal hymns to a new sublevel. Once again using Norway’s Black Dimension Studio as cauldron of ritualistic summoning, the cult has spawned a majestic opus of evil, throbbing of the ancient black metal spirit. The intensity of the current level of vibration of dark energy was reached due to the execution of several rituals.

The first ritual became infamous as the demo entitled “Unholy Holocaustwinds”. It was eternalized in 2004 using a four-track tape recorder and included winter field recordings captured in the nocturnal gloom of Norway's Liarlund Forests. This ritual became available as tape and vinyl through Warfront Productions, and as compact disc through Paradigms Recordings.

The second, yet first full-length ritual took the shape of the highly acclaimed debut album “An Eternal Dark Horizon”, consisting of five majestic chapters of cold and grim black metal that resonate with the true Norwegian old-school vibe. It was released as compact disc by Candlelight Records and later as vinyl by Blut & Eisen Productions.

To strengthen the unholy force the rituals embody, their execution through live-ceremonies was deemed necessary. After a few domestic ceremonies, an important event took place in the cult’s brief history, when getting the opportunity to perform its rituals at the legendary underground black metal venue Baroeg in Rotterdam, Holland, on the very stage where bands like Mayhem, Satyricon, Gorgoroth, Emperor, Dissection and many other legends had started reigning the underground during the mid-nineties. Quality underground black metal label Sathanas In Gloriam Productions sensed the cold and pure vibe of true Norwegian old-school black metal in the Satanic hymns of Throne Of Katarsis instantly and offered the cult a worthy position in the line up of its prestigious underground black metal festival Sathanas In Gloriam, which finds its home-base in Baroeg. Being considered by many as the most intense and worthy ceremony of the festival, it was an unholy blessing that it was recorded with four camera’s, capturing it in all its Satanic grandeur. It led to the state of the occult art third ritual: a DVD literally baptized “In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanus”, made and released by Sathanas In Gloriam Productions.

Another spree of European ceremonies proved to be sufficient for the energetic focus needed to release the fourth, yet second full-length ritual by the name of "Helvete - Det Iskalde Mørket" in the winter of 2009. Over 53 minutes of unholy summoning, divided into 5 epic chapters and including several Satanic rituals which were performed and recorded exclusively for this full-length opus of darkness, one of which was written by Vardalv and Dirge Rep of Gehenna, make this opus a truly occult and atmospheric experience. The darkness contained being visualised majestically through artwork of the legendary Christophe Szpajdel, a true old-school black metal ritual finally stands ready to be unleashed upon the masses. The cult’s responsible devotees for unleashing the opus on cd and vinyl are once again Candlelight Records and Blut & Eisen Productions. Official merchandise is brought by Bloodred Horizon Records. Quelle: - Unholy Holocaustwinds (Demo)

2004 - Blodslakt (Demo)

2007 - An Eternal Black Horizon

2009 - Det Iskalde Morket


An Eternal Black Horizon - Cover
Grimnisse und Vardalv sind THRONE OF KATARSIS und TOK sind Black Metal, norwegisch und true as Sensemann.
Helvete-Det Iskalde Morket - Cover
Zwei Jahre nach ihrem saugeilen Debüt “An Eternal Black Horizon“ melden sich die Norweger THRONE OF KATARSIS zurück und legen fünf neue Mini-Epen vor, die erneut vor eisiger schwarzmetalli