THE RUINS OF BEVERAST were formed in early 2003 and named after the most bloodcurdling occasion being part of the ancient Mid- and Northeuropean eschatology – the collapse of the giant bridge Bifröst. This incident bears analogy to the musical aura of THE RUINS OF BEVERAST, which builds a sonic landscape of a downtuned ground and barren, massive, surreal mountain formations; this landscape’s atmosphere exhales psychotic, ancient and undead elements and is uncomfortably coloured. THE RUINS OF BEVERAST narrate fables of the darkest secrets in human history and present. Five full-length albums and several EP-, split- and compilation-releases were published through Ván Records since then. As a live act THE RUINS OF BEVERAST became a strong force since Roadburn 2013, a festival this band already joined twice with special shows. They have played very successful Europe and US tours and were present on many well-established club shows and festivals like Hellfest, Inferno, Incubate, Party.San Open Air and Beyond The Gates, to name just a few.


2003 - The Furious Waves Of Damnation (Demo)

2004 - Unlock The Shrine

2006 - Rain Upon The Impure

2007 - Urfaust/The Ruins Of Beverast (Split)

2007 - Gott In Uns (Split)

2009 - Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite

2011 - Enchanted By Gravemould I (Compilation)

2013 - Blood Vaults - The Blazing Gospel Of Heinrich Kramer

2016 - Takitum Tootem! (EP)

2017 - King Dude / Caronte / The Ruins Of Beverast / (DOLCH) (Split)

2017 - Exuvia

2020 - Don't Walk On The Mass Graves (Split)

2020 - The Ruins Of Beverast / Almyrkvi (Split)

2020 - Kromlec'h Knell (Single)

2021 - Anchoress In Furs (Single)

2021 - The Thule Grimoires



Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite - Cover
Dass hinter THE RUINS OF BEVERAST keine “Band” im eigentlich Sinn steckt, sondern nur ein Einzelner, dürfte sich innerhalb der Szene bereits rumgesprochen haben.