The Eternal

BiografieOut of the ashes of Melbourne Doom band Cryptal Darkness, The Eternal formed in January 2003. After recording three full length albums and two EP´s as Cryptal Darkness, including the classic´s They whispered you had risen & Chapter II the fallen (these albums saw the addition of Martin Powell of My Dying Bride/Cradle of Filth fame on Violins & Keyboards), the band, due to problems with label ICON records and line-up troubles, decided to change their name to The Eternal. The band saw this as a chance for a new beginning and the perfect opportunity to start their new album.

The Eternal can be best described as a symphonic and emotional journey, heavy melodic guitars layered with ambient keyboards and somber vocals. By no means your average doomy sounding band, The Eternal have taken their sound further, breaking boundaries set by metal genres & incorporating various influences to give the songs an almost catchy feel. However this does not take away from the band´s traditional atmospheric sound. The band explore sound scapes that in their early days as Cryptal Darkness may not have been accessible to them.

Recently completing work on their self-titled promo CD, The Eternal have developed a unique sound and musically have written songs that see the band come of age. At present, the band have signed a two album deal with Finnish label Firebox Records and are set to commence the recording of there debut album ´The Sombre Light of Isolation´ in late January 2004.Quelle: The Sombre Light Of Isolation

2005 Sleep Of Reason



Kartika - Cover
THE ETERNAL haben sich für ihr neues Album reichlich Zeit gelassen, aber Hetze hätte zur Musik auch nicht gepasst, dazu sind die Australier auch auf „Kartika“ zu doomig unterwegs.
Sleep Of Reason - Cover
THE ETERNAL waren nach dem letztjährigen Debüt "The Sombre Light Of Isolation” nicht untätig und haben nach einigen Wechseln im Line-Up den Nachfolger "Sleep Of Reason” eingespielt und bei (Achtung!
The Sombre Light Of Isolation - Cover
Was macht eine Band, wenn sie Probleme mit dem Label hat? Einfach umbenennen und nen guten Anwalt anheuern.