The Anti-Doctrine

Biografie THE ANTI DOCTRINE from Dusseldorf, Germany play an uncompromising hybrid of Metal, Hardcore and Grindcore. The band was founded under the name of STRAIGHT in 2000. In the following years the five guys worked very hard and accomplished a lot, demonstrating that even without any professional promotion musical dreams can actually come true. STRAIGHT were chosen as support band by the mighty SLIPKNOT for their German shows in 2002. Next came Max Cavalera´s SOULFLY with whom they toured the country in 2003. There were also shows with acts like ILL NINO, BIOHAZARD, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, CHIMAIRA and many others. The band was thus able to gain a national fanbase and convene these fans for their remarkable shows at the 2003 ROCK AM RING / ROCK IM PARK festival. At the gigs and via the band homepage more than 1,500 copies of their self-produced 6-Track EP "... From The Heart" (01/2003) were sold.

The time had come to enter a new level. After being signed by the Cologne-based label Eat The Beat Music in 2004 the guys decided to celebrate this step forward by giving the band a new name - a name that would testify the latest stage of their artistic development and express the radical and essentially undogmatic quality of their music. THE ANTI DOCTRINE was born.

The new 8-Track-EP "Patterns Of Liquid Red", the band´s first official release, will be available on October 25, 2004. THE ANTI DOCTRINE have created a record that does not only follow any of the recent trends of the Metal/HC genre but still sounds 100% up to date. On "Patterns of Liquid Red" they combine different types of Metal (Death Metal, Thrash Metal) in a truly original and unique fashion with the power and roughness of Hardcore and Grindcore. Rhythmic variation and melodious harmonies are added to the complexity of the songs and make you look forward to the release of THE ANTI DOCTRINE ´s first album that is to be released in spring 2005!

The band´s live performances are extremely energetic, as anyone who has ever seen them will attest. Get ready and enter the pit!Quelle: - A Worldwide Elite And Its Downfall

2004 - Pattern Of Liquid Red EP

2003 - From The Heart (STRAIGHT)


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Freitag 21.10.2005
Bands wie THE ANTI-DOCTRINE sind selten geworden in der heutigen Metal-Landschaft. Einfach fröhlich mixen, was einem gefällt und dabei noch erstklassige Songs produzieren, dass ist selten geworden. "A Worldwide Elite And It’s Downfall" polarisiert dann auch folgerichtig ob seiner Komplexität und Anderartigkeit - aber genau daran liegt der Reiz der Scheibe.


THE ANTI-DOCTRINE machen es dem Hörer ihres (für mch überraschend ankommenden) Albums "A Worldwide Elite And Its Downfall" nicht leicht: anfangs klingt die Scheibe mega-chaotisch und wie ein zu sehr z
Patterns Of Liquid Red - Cover
Wat, schon wieder ne neue Band? Nix da, THE ANTI-DOCTRINE sind mittlerweile alte Bekannte und konnten unter dem Namen STRAIGHT schon für einiges Aufsehen sorgen.