BiografieOriginally known as Haunted, the band was started in the summer of 1997 by old friends Yves Bordeleau (Guitar) and Pascal Cimone (Drums). Michel Bernatchez (Guitar) later joined after they met Yves at a college party. Having similar musical interest, Michel and one of his old friends, Jean-François Jacques (vocals), finally joined forces with Haunted. Bass player Éric Verrier later joined to complete the line-up.

As Haunted, they made a demo-cassette and ten shows in Montréal and the surroundings. However, the musical style was a bit odd: Too many styles of Metal mixed together. Thereafter, different problems emerged and Jean-François left the band. Later on, the group hired Anne Kudowsky as a vocalist. It did not last for a long as internal problems emerged rapidly within the band. That ended up with the band splitting up after three years of activities.

Four months later, former Haunted members decided to start over; Soulforge was born! After eight months, they recorded their debut MCD at Yves HomeStudio. Chemistry was now excellent and the addition of a new member, Fred Lavallée (synth), was the last piece they needed to complete de puzzle and to achieve their ultimate goal: to play melodic Metal! After many auditions, they did not find an appropriate lead vocalist and Michel decided to try singing… It worked perfectly!

After playing Live all over the province and having their MCD spread around and well received by the fans, the band was ready to record their first full length album. In the meantime, they reached an agreement with Great White North for the release of that album worldwide. Duality was recorded at Radicart Studio and Wicked Studios and it is sure to please all fans of melodic Death Metal in the likes of In Flames and co.

Quelle: http://www.gwnrecords.comDiscografieDuality CD 2003