BiografieR:I:P is the band of MAJESTY-guitarist Björn Daigger and RESPAWN INC.-frontman Fabian Pospiech. Together with Björn's brother Sven (former keyboarder for the band ANGUISH) and the MIDNATTSOL-members Birgit Öllbrunner (bass) and Chris Merzinsky (drums), they founded the band in 2005.

He who thinks "Oh no! Please not another solo project!", can put his mind to rest: R:I:P is a real band with a solid line-up! After the release of their first promo-CD "Promo 2005" the band recorded their first official album in 2006 called "...out to R:I:P all nations!!!" (produced and recorded by Fabian Pospiech and Björn Daigger at "Noise Chamber Studios"), which will be in stores on September 28th, 2007 (Twilight Zone Records/Twilight Vertrieb). Most of all R:I:P see themselves as a live band. It's the best possibilty to presenting their music where it belongs - right in front of and very close to the fans!

Influenced by rock and metal titans like PANTERA, IRON MAIDEN, CARCASS or even DEEP PURPLE "...out to R:I:P all nations!!!" offers you a previously unheard mixture of classical old school metal and modern Death/Thrash-sounds. Packed with this very powerful sound R:I:P show you the new way of GERMAN PREMIUM METAL - don't miss it!!!Quelle: - Promo 2005

2007 - ...Out To R:I:P All Nations!!!


...Out To R:I:P All Nations!!! - Cover
Bei dieser Band handelt es sich um eine Zusammenarbeit diverser MAJESTY- und RESPAWN INC.-Mit- bzw.