BiografieThe story of Raintime began in the summer of 1999 by an idea of Claudio Coassin (keyboards), Matteo Di Bon (guitar) and Matteo Barzan (drums). They started to play together composing their first own songs. Initially Raintime´s concept of music was quite totally different from what they are doing now. Dream Theater was the most important source of inspiration, so this led them to compose progressive metal. The original team was formed by Claudio Coassin (keyboards), Matteo Di Bon (guitar), Matteo Barzan (drums), Francesco Rossi (guitar) and Michele Colussi (bass). After a couple of months Raintime had their first live experience at various manifestations, Just the time to finish some new songs and the band decided to do an important step, recording a demo cd "Jump In The Past" (it was completely instrumental). But the problems were behind the corner. In-fact Matteo the drummer decided to leave the band. His substitute was the actual member Enrico Fabris. Thanks to his arrival Raintime moved towards a more aggressive and sharp heavy metal. Another important news is that Claudio decided to take the microphone in hand, giving an input to the new Raintime style and story. In the autumn of 2002 Francesco left the band to concentrate on another style of music. Giovanni Buora took his place for an year. After that Raintime booked the New Sin Audio Design studios to record their first complete album. The last period was covered with the help of Carlo Nadalin. He played in some live events and during the recording session of the new album "Tales from Sadness", during the summer of 2004. After that Raintime received good offers from labels and finally decided to sign with Arise Records & Intromental Management for the release of the album, with the artwork of Mattias Norén. After a long search Raintime found their new guitarist: Luca

Michael Martina.

Quelle: From Sadness CD 2005



Flies & Lies - Cover
Eigentlich ist Kollege Knackstedt (und bis zu einem gewissen Maße auch Kollege Otto) Spezialist für Aufzählung möglichst vieler Klischees, wenn es um italienischen Metal geht.
Tales From Sadness - Cover
Regenzeit am Bodom-See! Eine echt gute Band, fetter Sound, schöne Songs. Und man könnte seinen Popöchen drauf wetten, dass RAINTIME aus Skandinavien kommen.