Rain Paint

BiografieRain Paint was found 2002 soon after FragileHollow got its first offers of recording deals. I had heaps of songs that would not suite FH´s style. I decided to show some of the demosongs to My Kingdom Music and they were interested at once. I started to look for motivated players and gladly Sami from FH and T. from Denigrate decided to join. Right now we are three piece band. We are glad that we finally get to play together. We haven´t decided anything about the future, but we plan more after we have recorded the first album next July. Songs are made on terms of the music and with heaps of ambition. Lyrics are about longing and regret. Our ideology can be described with our logo. Noose hanging from a symbol of eternal life.
- Mr A.

From Aleksi Ahokas voice: “Rain Paint was born in a very strange way, but now I am very proud about what we have done and about what Rain Paint is now. It all started in Winter 2002 when we decided to quit Prophet creating Fragile Hollow. I understood immediately that some songs didn’t fit with the style that FragileHollow were playing, so I recorded some of the songs in my home-studio and I showed them to Francesco Palumbo at My Kingdom Music. He had a great interest in Prophet´s music before Fragile Hollow coming. He was simply enthusiastic about these new tracks... He said: “Believe me... This music is absolutely the best thing you have ever created... I wanna absolutely produce it!”. So in a few days we signed for two albums with My Kingdom Music and immediately I began to look for motivated players and gladly Sami from the same FragileHollow and Tim from Denigrate decided to join Rain Paint. With them I initiated to work hard on the tracks. In the Autumn 2002 we entered the mighty MD/Firestation studios together with Oskari Kymäläinen. We spent a very hard time in the studio... days and nights finding the right balance between the intensity of the guitars and the melodies... We experience all along the line troubles with the equipment the schedule, tune but finally the songs were even better than we thought. To crown it all Denigrate and FragileHollow was extremely busy with their debut albums. Would you believe that this I was making Rapture "Songs For The Withering" the same time? But this one was like vacation and we really had a blast. We had weird guests and the cd is full of hidden souds one couldn´t dare to guess the source.

The last touches were given at the unique Finnvox studio together with Pauli Saastamoinen and at the end “Nihil Nisi Mors” was a reality... a fantastic reality made by abrasive guitars, sad melodies, liquid atmospheres... in a few words a true masterpiece of Intense Emotional Art”.

Quelle: http://www.rainpaint.cjb.netDiscografieNIHIL NISI MORS CD 2003

Disillusion OF Purity CD 2006



Disillusion Of Purity  - Cover
RAIN PAINT sind melancholisch, gar todtraurig, machen Gothic Rock, gar Metal - und ja, sie sind Finnen. Das hört sich alles ziemlich langweilig an, ist es aber keineswegs.
Nihil Nisi Mors - Cover
"Nihil Nisi Mors" ist durch das standesgemäß regenerisch graue Cover derart gut im Staub meines Schreibtischs getarnt, dass ich sie erst jetzt wiedergefunden habe.