BiografiePrototype was founded back in 1994 by two remaining members of the L.A thrash band "Psychosis", Kragen Lum (Guitar) and Vince Levalois (Vocals, guitar) - a band who in 1992 released the mini album "Lifeforce" independently. Together they found two new members for a complete line-up for their first recording of their demo "Seed".

In 1997 Kragen Lum and Vince Levalois decided to enter the studio once more for the recordings of their new mini album "Cloned". So far only working together with shifting hired drummers, they now found themselves a permanent drummer, Pat Magrath who immediately was added to the line-up.

In 1999 bassist Kirk Scherer joined the band, thus completing the line-up of Prototype.

In early 2002 Prototype finished the recordings of their latest fulllength album "Trinity", which caught the attention of new record label WWIII, who released the album for the US market and with Toxic Records releasing it in South America.

By their fans as well as by the media, "Trinity" has been promoted as Prototype´s best work until now. Unfortunately Prototype parted ways with Pat Magrath in early 2002 and was once again without a drummer.

In August 2002 Prototype joined forces with Danish based management company, Intromental Management.

At the beginning of 2003 they were happy to announce that drummer Damion Ramirez, who actually had been in Prototype years ago, was the fresh blood the band needed to go on.

With the recent tour in Europe (in conjunction with the "Headway Festival" in Holland) in April 2003, the band already got themselves a good foot in the door with the European audience, and it´s no wonder that they in May 2003 signed a European deal with the German label Insanity Records. The Euro-release of "Trinity" was orignially set for September 1st. Unfortunately the deal collapsed in October 2003, when the label went bankrupt. Luckily MAssacre Records stepped up to the plate, and have decided to release the album right after new year 2004.

Right now Prototype is working on the next disc which will be a mix of new songs and updated versions of older material. A bit more melodic than "Trinity", yet 100% typical Prototype!


The music of Prototype is a very diverse blend of all things metal. Here you have the aggression from the eighties thrash bands like Testament and Forbidden, the elegant progrock of Rush or early Queensryche, the technical metal stuff in the vein of Dream Theater or Psychotic Waltz, the powerful metal of Nevermore and Steel Prophet and so on.

You can´t really put a label on Prototype - and to be honest, I don´t think the band would like that either. Prototype is a band going for their own sound, and with "Trinity" they´ve accomplished exactly that. Quelle: - PSYCHOSIS - Lifeform

1998 - Cloned (Mini - Album)

2004 - Trinity

2006 - Continuum


Continuum - Cover
Vor gut zweieinhalb Jahren erschien mit "Trinity" das letzte Album der aus PSYCHOSIS hervorgegangenen Techno - Metaller aus L.A..
Trinity - Cover
Wer von Euch kennt noch den Thrash - Geheimtipp PSYCHOSIS aus L.A.? Niemand? Doch, da meldet sich einer.