BiografieThis band rocks and this band has a message!"

2001, Nancy, France: P.O.BOX plays its very first gigs in France. Since then, the band has been on intensive touring through Europe, increasing its reputation of having an ?explosive stage performance?.

After having released a demo-cd (?Fartcore', 2001) and a split-cd (?We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars', 2002), the band signs on Winged Skull Records for the release of their first EP (?Rock my reality') in 2004.

Thousands and thousands of kilometers spent on European roads lead the band to record their debut-album ??And the Lipstick Traces' and to sign in April 2007 on Long Beach Records Europe, Übersee Records and Guerilla Asso who release this long-awaited full length in Europe, as well as on Unattractive Records in May 2007 who release it in Japan.

"P.O.Box is a band from Nancy , France , but if they are not the prototype for an international band, who is? Call us fortune tellers, call us prophesiers but you're listening to a band that will hit big-time, that will last a long time and you by far won't be the only one it will accompany from now on."
Gernot at Long Beach Records

?Musically somewhere between the Mad Caddies, Big D And The Kids Table and Against Me! P.O.BOX are probably THE most European band on our roster.?
Henning at Übersee Records

?The first three words I think of when reflecting on P.O.BOX are: diverse, sensational and outstanding. Due to the ever changing rugged nature of their music, on paper the complicated mixture of punk, ska and metal riffs shouldn't work but that in my opinion is what makes these guys not just a good band but an immense one. They pull together three very individual genres of music and create auditory bliss. What I like most is their ability to incorporate all these genres equally within every song but not regurgitate the same song more than once; each song is individual to one another and each has something new to offer the listener, and in my case compelling me to listen all the way through the album.?
Ben Lang, PHD

> We played with those bands

Mad Caddies (USA), Streetlight Manifesto (USA), Big D and the Kids Table (USA), The Slackers (USA), Walls of jericho (USA), Against Me ! (USA), Capdown (UK), The Skatalites (JAM), H-Blockxx (D), Belvedere (CAN), Burning Heads (F), Les Caméléons (F), La Ruda (F), Flying Donuts (F), Skin of Tears (D), Five Days Off (B), EasyWay (P), Shandon (IT), Rasta Bigoud (F), Skarface (F), Karamelo Santo (AR), Panteon Rococo (MEX), D-Sailors (D), ZSK (D), Mad Sin (D), Carving (F), Undeclinable (NL), Leptik Ficus (F)…

> We have rocked in those countries so far

Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Romania, Scotland, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine, Wales.

Quelle: - EP + DVD - 10/2011

InBetweenTheLines - LP - 09/2009

... And the Lipstick Traces - LP - 04/2007

Rock my reality - EP - 06/2004

From New York to Luxembourg - Live-CD with THE SLACKERS - 03/2004

We're all in gutter... - Split-CD P.O.Box / Madskat - 06/2003

Fartcore - Demo-CD - 12/2001 www


... And The Lipstick Traces - Cover
Dieses Postfach ist definitive kein toter Briefkasten. Die Franzosen verwenden Blasinstrumente, sind aber dennoch weit von diesem verzweifelten Gute-Laune-Ska der Marke "One Step Beyond" entfernt.
Detour(s) - Cover
P.O.BOX nennt sich diese sechsköpfige Ska-Punk-Band aus dem französischen Nancy.