Biografie July ‘95 Founding member of the band is Matthew - vocals, Alex - guitars, Jarda - bass, Pavel - drums.

September ‘95. After three months of rehearsing, the band record their first three song demo entitled “The Dust on the Eyes”.

November ‘96. Michal joins the band to take better care of the vocal parts.

January ‘97. “Dance in Vicious Circle” contains 5 songs of pure mid-tempo death metal. To promote this record, Pandemia plays live as much as possible.

April 97. Pandemia plays their first mini-tour in Czech and Slovak Republic together with Vader and Krabathor. Pavel leaves after this tour for his personal band. New drummer is Tom.

June ‘97. Czech underground label Anti Nazi Productions finally releases the second demo tape as a split with another Czech death metal band called Exhumace.

December ‘97. After playing more than 50 shows this year, Pandemia close their live shows for ‘97 by supporting Kreator, Dimmu Borgir, Krisiun and Krabathor on Metal Christmas Meeting in Prague in front of 2000 metal fans.

June ‘98. Pandemia gets the honour to support legendary Death at their show in Prague.

September ‘98. “Dance in Vicious Circle” is re-released on Soundless rec. from Lithuania as a split MC with South African grinders Groinchurn.

October ‘98. Pandemia record three brand new songs of pure death metal to find a label that would be interested in releasing their debut CD. These songs are indubitably much faster and intense than the previous releases and describe Pandemia's musical feeling the best way.

December ‘98. After many live shows in the Czech rep., the band starts to play also in abroad. So, during the year of ‘98 they played shows in countries such as Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland and Slovak Republic.

July ‘99. Pandemia finally finds the right label to release the first album. At the end of July Pandemia members sign two album deal with Lost Disciple Records from the USA.

September ‘99. The recordings at Gallery Sound studio are over. 9 songs of their death metal music are ready to be released. Also, after some months of protractions and waiting, Adenon Productions from Greece release the three song promo from ‘98 including two bonus tracks ("Pandemia” from the first demo tape and “Infernal Death” by Death).

January '00. The debut album "Spreading the Message" is released!!!

February ‘00. Pandemia starts playing live shows to promote “Spreading the Message”. Gigs in Poland soon followed shows in Belgium (Death Fest with Vader and Rebaelliun), Germany, Spain (with Sinister, Avulsed, Purgatory, Aborted...), Czech and Slovak Republic.

June/July ‘00. Pandemia plays at Summer Clash tour all over Europe (France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Belarus, Slovak Rep, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Spain) together with Vader, Vital Remains, Fleshcrawl and Rebaelliun.

November '00. Pandemia records a coverversion of Morbid Angel's "Maze of Torment" for the official tribute album to this band put out by Hellfire Records.

December '00. Spanish/Portuguese tour. Along with Polish DEVILYN the band played 6 shows in Spain and Portugal.

January '01. Tom decided to leave the band due to health problems which don't allow him to keep on playing fast and intense drumming style. After a short period of playing with a guy called Marthus, Pavel, who had played in the band in the period of '95-'97, joins the band. (The founding member of the band)

March '01. Pandemia plays a Holland/Belgium/Italy mini tour after which the band starts composing new material which is to be released on Lost Disciple Records by the end of 2001.

November '01. The band record the second full-length album at "Propast" studios in CZ. The album is entitled "Personal Demon" and contains 9 songs.

August '02. Pandemia is touring with INCANTATION through Europe. Other tours follow, with Krabathor (september) and Flesless (october).

December '02. "Personal Demon" is released on LOST DISCIPLE RECORDS.

January '03. Pandemia hits the road once again, this time on a European tour with Natron. New places like London (UK) or the very south of Italy have been conquered.

May '03. May 03 - Demonic Latin American tour 2003 that Pandemia played spring this year has been the largest Latin American tour that a metal band ever played 2,5 months long tour, over country like:

Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Salvador, Mexico.

October '03 . The second part of Demonic Eureopean Tour is being held. This time in France and Italy once again among our great friends Natron.

December '03 . The first video clip is made. It consists of 8 mm footages taken during the Altin American tour. The video then gets broadcasted on various Czech TV's and is available on the band's official website to download.

July '04 . Pandemia just recorded two new promo songs which are both used for pre-production of the third full-length album and as a sample of the current work for all interested in the band's sound nowadays.

December '04 - The band records their third album at Gallery Sound and LK Audio Studios with Jarda "Bob Death" Brouzda. The new album is entitled Riven and following the srudio recordings, there is a world-wide release on 4 record labels taking care of the distribution.

April '05 - Pandemia supports Morbid Angel on their Masters OF Chaos Tour date in Prague.

April/May '05 - Second tour overseas follows release of Rven in South America. This time the band plays in 6 countries of the Southamerican continent, visiting also new places such as Venezuela and Colombia. Pandemic South American tour was a huge success for the band and straightened the position of Pandemia in the continent.

May '05 - Riven is released in Europe/USA via Metal Age Productions.

December '05. One of the foundation member Alex , left the band after 10 years for personal reasons.

January '06. Joins the band new guitar member Vlasta. Actual line up is Michal – vocals, Jarda – bass, Pavel – drums, Vlasta - guitar.

March '06. Band premiere gets off with new guitarist on festival Metalmania (+ U.D.O, Nevermore, Soilwork, Therion) in Zline.

April '06. Pandemia played on "Necrophagous Eastern Tour".

June '06. On web pages is to download trailer from coming DVD from second transoceanic tour.

September ‘07. The most extensive death metal tour in the Latin American continent is out now on the DVD Pandemic Mission to Latin America 2007. More here.

April 07 - First time with a new guitarist, Pandemia records in studio two new songs!

February 08 - The band starts intensive work on new songs for next album. On new songs is also working new vocalist Jirka Kr¨.

March 09 - Pandemia signs contract on their fourth release with German label War Anthem Records.

April 09 - European tour with Pessimist (U.S.A) was really a good one and the band test for first time their new songs.

June/August 09 - The Band records in German studio Stage One under supervision of famous producer Andy Classen their fourth release.

October 09 - Long time expected fourth full length album FEET OF ANGER is finally released.Quelle: - The Dust On The Eyes (Demo)

1997 - Dance In Vicious Circle (Demo)

1999 - The Message From The Death Metal Empire (Demo)

2000 - Spreading The Message

2003 - Personal Demon

2005 - Riven

2007 - Pandemic Mission To Latin America (DVD)

2009 - Feet Of Anger


Feet Of Anger - Cover
Im Zuge des 2005 veröffentlichten Werks „Riven“ brachte mein Kollege Memme den Bandnamen der tschechischen Death Metaller noch mit der Vogelgrippe in Verbindung.
Riven - Cover
Ihre insgesamt sechste Veröffentlichung präsentieren die Osteuropäer mit dem so gut in die Vogelgrippe-wahnsinnige Welt passenden Namen.
Spreading The Message - Cover
Am Anfang steht wie meistens ein Intro - öde wie meistens… aber dann zeigen die tschechischen Death Metaller ihr wahres Gesicht.