Pain Principle

BiografieCreated in 1993 in Orlando, FL by vocalist Kevin "Bull" Bullock and guitarist John Sutton, Pain Principle began as an outlet for two jam buddies with a penchant for Death and Slayer. The two kindred spirits soon recruited drummer Mike Mazzonetto and the foundation had been set- one sturdy enough to withstand years of bone-breaking metal.

After a handful of demos ['Live With It' (1993), 'Until Someone Loses an Eye' (1996), Pain Principle (2003)] were unleashed into the underground, Pain Principle is eager to strike the surface with a vigorous start to a massive career. "I'm excited, one of the goals in my life is to play and have something released worldwide," says Mike. "The first goal was to be in an established band. Second was to get a deal. Third would be to play on a record and anyone could walk into the store and see it. The last goal that would make me happy is basically to tour around the world and play our stuff. So far it's working out that way."

Over the past few years, Pain Principle has seen it all- from marriages, divorces, deaths of friends, and new beginnings. Though one constant remains- their signature style- a savage crossbreed of deathly heavy hooks and classic metal structure.

"We just do what we do, what comes out naturally. It's all heavy, haulin' ass Florida metal with a bit of change-up," explains John.

Citing legends like Pantera and Death as primary influences, Pain Principle draws from all over the metal landscape to create their sound. "Even though it's not remotely the same thing, I like a lot of classic rock and classic metal…as far as the way you structure songs and structure choruses we might do things like that but we might not use the same tones," explains Bull. "I may be growling but the structure might be more like your standard classic metal."

Passing by offers that seemed less-than-promising, the band signed to Blind Prophecy Records in 2007 and the ass-busting began. Having recorded in Mana Recording Studios in St Petersburg, Florida with famed producer Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, Cannibal Corpse), Pain Principle have spent most of 2007 seeing that their debut release reflects the real Pain Principle-- at their tightest and fiercest yet. Hitting the UK and Japan in October and North America in November, 'Waiting For the Flies' is set to jostle the world with fist-clenching, bone-rattling heavy with hooks. Quelle: Waiting For The Flies


Waiting For The Flies - Cover
PAIN PRINCIPLE haben sich nach eigenen Angaben Zeit gelassen mit der Unterschrift unter einen Label-Deal, warum sie dann aber beim relativ kleinen Blind Prophecy Label angedockt haben, bleibt offen fü