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BiografieThe Maldive Islands evoke images of an insular paradise before the eyes of a stranger. Like a double row of pearls hundreds of coral islands forming 26 atolls spread from north to south in the gentle breeze of the Indian Ocean. At first the hard sound of Metal seems a contradiction to picturesque white beaches, palm trees and blue sunny skies. Yet now NOTHNEGAL are embarking to teach the world oth
erwise with their international debut album.

After leaving their previous band MORTUARY, guitarists Hilarl and Fufu found NOTHNEGAL on the capital island Malé in 2006. At first they dedicate themselves to melodic Death Metal. The cousins are aiming for a high level of professionalism right from the start, which leads to several changes in the line-up before the recording of their first release "Antidote of Realism" (2009).

This self produced 4 track EP was mixed by Finnish producer Anssi Kippo, who is known for his work with CHILDREN OF BODOM and NORTHER among others. Even though "Antidote of Realism" gets released through the internet it gains the band immediate worldwide attention and positive reactions.

Their line-up is completed in April 2009, when American drummer Kevin Talley (DÅÅTH, ex-CHIMAIRA, ex-DYING FETUS, ex-MISERY INDEX) and Finnish keyboard player Marco Sneck (KALMAH, POISONBLACK) join NOTHNEGAL as official members. With their new crew and more experience the band sets out to record their album debut.

During the song writing and recording process, NOTHNEGAL shift away from the previous melodic Death Metal and focus on creating a new original sound that melts together Thrash, Industrial and Progressive Metal with the ambient of Maldivian atmosphere and culture. With the album slated for a release in early 2011 via Season of Mist, NOTHNEGAL are already confirmed to support FINNTROLL with fellow label mates ROTTING CHRIST on their upcoming European tour which covers 25 cities in 12 countries.Quelle: - Antidote Of Realism (EP)

2012 - Decadence


Decadence - Cover
Die Malediven sind ganz sicher keine Hochburg irgend einer Metal-Spielart, aber wie man hört, verirrt sich auch von dort mal eine Band in unsere Breitengrade.