BiografieMASACHIST is a band formed by Thrufel (guitarist known from AZARATH and ex- YATTERING) and Daray (drummer of ex - VADER, DIMMU BORGIR). The idea of creating MASACHIST has been in my mind for years but it finally took it's shape after meeting Daray in 2005. Convergent music tastes and views on playing extreme sounds resulted in a will to create something new, fresh and different from what we've been playing with our bands. Due to Daray..s responsibilities in VADER we could not rehearse regulary. Nevertheless, our determination resulted in writing a promising material. We recorded two-song promo in 2006 - "Malicious Cleansing" and "Open the Wounds" . During the recording session we were joined by Heinrich, known from VESANIA and ROOTWATER on bass, and Aro of SHADOWS LAND – rhythm guitar and backing vocals.

In September of 2007 we begun recording our debut album DEATH MARCH FURY at Progresja Sound Studio in Warsaw. In the meantime we decided to strengthen the line up by adding a lead vocalist. We chose one of the best in this genre - PIG, the former throat of DECAPITATED.

After a few months of struggle we finished recording in June 2008. This album KILLS!

The album is put out in Poland by Witching Hour Prod.
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Death March Fury - Cover
MASACHIST kommen aus Polen und während ich dies schreibe, muss ich die Schreibsoftware ständig daran hindern, den Bandnamen in das Wort "Masochist" zu korrigieren.