Fuck it!!! It just tells exagerated story making the band sound so "KULT"!!! Full of beautiful lies & shit!!!

Formed in 1999
Recorded the unfinished fucked up demo "Goat in Armour" in 2002, Distribution didn't continue!! Reformed from the ashes of KORIHOR in 2007.

Line up:
Obispo - Bass
Necrovomit - Vokill
Abhor - Guitar

Past and Session Mongers:
De Kongkero - Hammer
Sadistik Maldito - Hammer
Propeta - Hammer Quelle:"Goat in Armour" fucked-up demo - 2002
Bakal Promotion

"Steel Funeral" 7"ep split with RAMMER - 2008
Grief Foundation Rex

"From Death...Rising!" CD split with KORIHOR - 2008
Deathrash Armageddon Rex

Black Thrashing Genocide CD 2009 Grief Foundation www


BlackThrashing Genocide - Cover
Necrovomit ist der „Invocator of Bestial Incantations“ und seine Band MANIAK „returned to krush your fucking skull“.