BiografieSpawned in Germany during 1984, KMFDM pioneered the crossover between techno/dance and heavy metal with their signature industrial sound. Moving to Chicago in the mid-80s KMFDM was the pride of Wax Trax Records during the label’s peak. Rapidly evolving year by year through intense experimentation and touring; the band has redefined themselves with each new release.

Venturing on to dabble in side projects and then re-establish KMFDM in Seattle during 2001 Sascha’s revolving band of misfits stood the test of time. Currently helmed by the dual vocal attack of the band’s founder Sascha and siren Lucia KMFDM celebrated 20 years of musical excellence by traveling performing 62 shows in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. To quote themselves, “The future belongs to those of us still willing to get our hands dirty”. Living by their D.I.Y. philosophy, KMFDM has launched their own online KMFDM Store and record label (KMFDM Records). The self-proclaimed fathers of industrial-rock show no signs of stopping.Quelle: http://www.kmfdm.netDiscografieOpium (CD, 1984)

84-86 (CD, 1986)

What Do You Know Deutschland? (CD, 1986)

Don´t Blow Your Top (CD, 1988)

Kickin’ Ass (Single, 1988)
Don´t Blow Your Top (Single, 1988)

More & Faster (Single, 1988)

UAIOE (CD, 1989)

Virus (Single, 1989)

Naïve (CD, 1990)

Godlike (Single, 1990)

Split/Piggybank (Single, 1991)

Money (CD, 1992)

Vogue/Sex On The Flag (Single, 1992)

Money (Single, 1992)

Help Us – Save Us – Take Us Away (Single, 1992)

Sucks (Single, 1992)

Angst (CD, 1993)

A Drug Against War (Single, 1993)

Naïve/Hell To Go (CD, 1994)

Light (Single, 1994)

Glory (Single, 1994)

Sin Sex & Salvation (Single, 1994)

Nihil (CD, 1995)

Juke Joint Jezebel (Single, 1995)

Juke Joint Jezebel (The Moroder Mixes) (Single, 1995)

Brute (Single, 1995)

Trust (Single, 1995)

Year of the Pig (Single, 1995)

Xtort (CD, 1996)

Retro (CD, 1996)

Rules (Single, 1996)

Symbols (CD, 1997)

MDFMK (EP, 1997)

Agogo (CD, 1998)

Adios (CD, 1998)

Attak (CD, 2002)

Strum & Drang Tour Live (CD, 2002)

Boots (Single, 2002)

WWIII (CD, 2003)

WWIII Live 2003 (CD, 2004)

Hau Ruck (CD, 2005)

Ruck Zuck (EP, 2006)


Attak - Cover
Von einer Reunion zu sprechen wäre vielleicht etwas übertrieben, aber einige wird es schon überrascht haben dass KMFDM nun wieder KMFDM heißen und MDFMK nur ein kurzes Zwischenspiel war.
Kunst - Cover
Die Industrial-Rock-Hybriden von KMFDM sind mit „Kunst“ mal wieder mit einem Studio-Album am Start – man mag sagen, das ist nicht unbedingt die Überraschung des Jahrhunderts, denn im