BiografieThe story so far:

It was the beginning of 1998. Four present members and a drummer Adrian Ruda decided to sober up after years of playing in Mystic Side and founded the band called Killjoy. We started as rock group, but few months later we came back to harder sound, but rather more heavy than thrash one, as it was in our former band. After recording three demos in our rehearsal room and several gigs, Adrian Ruda left the group. His place wasn’t empty for too long. Marcin “Bruno” Bruner joined us and from that moment our style steadied.
Thanks to cooperation with Henryk “Hans” Brumer and Adam Eckelmann, Killjoy played many concerts, some with Polish rock/metal top bands e.g.: O.N.A. , Armia. Acid Drinkers, Proletaryat. We also played a lot of common gigs with other Silesian metal groups such as: Horrorscope and The No-Mads.
In 2002 the band started to record a SP “… a drug called reality” with Maciek Mularczyk as a music producer. Due to different causes, it was the longest recording promo in Polish heavy metal underground”. In half of the year we had to suspend playing gigs. Our drummer had a terrible motorbike crash and broke some bones that are very important for musicians. Then, other members founded or joined different combos and projects, such as Gang Olsena, Inside Out, Experiment, Undivided. But we were still composing for Killjoy, too.

When our drummer recovered, the band came back on stages and started making brand new stuff. In the end of summer 2003, Killjoy began to record EP “Back To The Past”. Soon, Robert D³ucik joined the band as a manager (and the author of some lyrics). The amount of concerts increased and the band appeared on radios and magazines.

In summer 2004, Killjoy completed the stuff for the EP “Back To The Past”. It was released in autumn that year. Since September, the musicians have worked hard to prepare new songs for full – length CD “Enemigo”.

In June 2005, the band invaded the Czech Republic festival “Noc Plna Hvezd” – one of the biggest rock/metal open air shows in this country. We played on the main stage, sharing it with Soulfly and the Czech metal legend Debustrol.

The promo version of “Enemigo” was finished by the end of 2005. In the beginning of 2006 Killjoy made the deal with German label Shark Records. Since May, the album has been available in shops across Poland. It happened thanks to license for Metal Mind Production. In the beginning of September (4.09.2006), “Enemigo” appeared at last in Germany and some other western European countries.
In February, we made our first clip for the title song of the record. Presently, we are working hard to prepare a brand new stuff. We are going to record it between May and June 2007.

To be continued…

Quelle: - ... A Drug Called Reality (MCD)

2005 - Back To The Past (EP)

2006 - Enemigo


Enemigo - Cover
Unsere polnischen Nachbarn scheinen eine stetig wachsende Metal - Szene auf die Beine zu stellen, das sieht man gerne.