In Slumber

Biografien Slumber return with a new bass player Kay Brem (Eluveitie) with the elegant bastard "ARCANE DIVINE SUBSPECIES",an emotional mixture of modern as well
as old school melodic deathmetal and metalcore.

Straight in the face power, catchy melodies, and hooks that enthuse all the time. Again, with Ziggy (Illdisposed, Mercenary, ...) and Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Mnemic, ...),
two famous producers worked on the album, and unleashed an incredible crystal clear and massive bulldozer sound, embraced by an eyecatching artwork provided by Ron Morisson.
The lyrical themes are about dark human morals, dogmas, ideologies and perversions of thoughts.
Indeed, with this new album, IN SLUMBER put themself to a high-level-quality band!

At the end of march 2007 IN SLUMBER released their second album  „Scars Incomplete“. The debut on Massacre Records showed the band from their „slower“, but nevertheless heavier side. Brutal Death Metal that enthuses with pounding drums, two fisted riffs, celestial leads,
catchy melodies and varied vocals. The provocative and profound lyrics describe – metaphoric and symbolic – the internal monologues of a fictive human wreck.

The textual concept contains the addiction to self harming.

Wolfgang Rothbauer (Lead Guitarist of „Eisblut“, Mastermind of „Thirdmoon“) formed IN SLUMBER in winter 2002. Originally formed to realise his personal and musical visions, Rothbauer could not resist the temptation to establish IN SLUMBER as an inherent part of the metal-scene. With Manuel Bauer (Bass), Robert Bogner (Guitar), Simon Öller (Guitar) and Markus Pointner (Drums) IN SLUMBER shortly became a band that enthused fans and critics.
In 2003 IN SLUMBER released the rousing debut „Stillborn Rebirth“. The deeply emotional opus treats the theme of the „Borderline-Syndrome” and was loved by fans and media.
(„An ambitious debut“ Frank Albrecht Rock Hard 8/10 points, Metalheart 8/10 points, The Gate 11/15 points). After a long period with intensive live presence the band started the songwriting for the second album in 2006.Quelle: - Stillborn Rebirth

2007 - Scars Incomplete

2009 - Arcane Divine Subspecies


Arcane Divine Subspecies - Cover
Mein werter Kollege Knacki hat das Review der Vorgängerscheibe „Scars Incomplete“ seinerzeit mit den Worten „Mit IN SLUMBER macht man nichts falsch.“ geschlossen, denen man pri