With the blasphemous joining of Demongoat and Blast-phemer Horncrowned was spawned, the purpouse, create the most fast and pitiless Black Metal from Colombia, to this idea join forces Bombardier in the year 2002 and months later Diabolium, at last, InfernaK-47 is recruited. Just in this moment, with full destructive force, the band begins to create his style. With a fast-roaring string riffs and a non-stoping drums, plus the blackening screams of Blast-phemer, combining in his lyrics the most venomous anger against christianity, tons of fire and certain "military air", the band gives name to his music: Hyper Fast Church-Burning Black Metal, this was the time to compose and go out to destroy all stages, first in a underground gigs series in some cities, placing the band in a outstanding position within the colombian metal scene. The next movement was enter to Hellcult Studios to record his first attack entitled "The Rise of Satan´s Artillery", in full fire-color Digipack edition (Demonic Attack Records); for the launching, the band had the honour to make the opening show for Dark Funeral in his gig in Bogot, Sep.13/2003; but the good news continues, just a month later, Marduk arrives to play and destroy in Colombia and again Horncrowned was invited to open the show, this time in Cali.

Subsequently, the seal underground black metal label Goathorned Productions re-edit "The Rise of Satan´s Artillery" in format CD, this time including the "Demonforce Retaliation" wmv video, arriving at many more black metal bangers in the world.

After promoting its first album, Horncrowned, begins to work in new material for the second Hyper Fast Church Burning Black Metal attack called "Satanic Armageddon". It will be carried out by the German Black Metal label Ketzer Records in the second semester of 2005.


2003 - The Rise Of Satan's Artillery

2006 - Satanic Armageddon

2009 - Casus Belli Antichristianus

2009 - Obscuratum / Horncrowned (Split)

2011 - Monumental Rebirth Of Satan (EP)

2012 - Regni Diaboli (Live)

2013 - Tetrahedron (EP)

2014 - Defanatus (Diabolus Adventus)

2016 - Proelium (EP)

2020 - Rex Exterminii (The Hand Of The Opposer)



Casus Belli Antichristianus - Cover
Mit ihrem 2006er Massaker „Satanic Armageddon“ haben die Kolumbianer HORNCROWNED eine extreme Vollgas-Black Metal-Platte aufgenommen, bei der es zumindest in Sachen Songwriting noch etwas

Bogota, Kolumbien ist die Heimat von HORNCROWNED, einer Black Metal-Band, die wiederum aus der Band INOCULATION hervorging.
Satanic Armageddon - Cover
Diese Band aus Kolumbien nennt ihren Stil "Hyper Fast Church Burning Black Metal"!