BiografieIt all started out when guitarist Jan got the idea of creating a band with the
intention to combine the energy of powermetal with a melodic touch of the
heavy eighties.

To achieve such a goal he made contact with his friend and lead singer Stefan,
and of course he said yes.

Together they were soon on their way of making music and in a relatively
short period of time they had come up with sixteen strong songs.
Their intention were to make a high quality demo but it all ended up with a
fullblown CD production, due to the demands in the metal scene.

During the songwriting phase they started to look for additional members.

On drums they went for the tight hardhitting powerdrummer Richard from
the aggrometal band Scaar.

To complete the line-up there was not much to argue about:
The heaviest metalbassplayer in Västerås, Magnus, was the only choice.

The destiny for these Swedish crusaders is power and glory!
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Mark Of The Warrior - Cover
True Power Metal aus dem Schwedenländle… da fällt einem glatt der Hammer runter!