Ground Of Ruin

BiografieGround Of Ruin are a five piece metal band from Ireland. We formed in November of 2003 and since then have been working tirelessly to achieve the sound we wish to represent the band. There has been a steady progression in our music over the years as we worked to constantly improve as musicians and as a unit. The aim of the band was never to fit comfortably within a genre, but to forge our own sound and play uncompromising extreme metal.

Our live performance has always been a major priority within the band. We have gigged extensively since our inception and have built up a reputation of consistently delivering a tight and focussed live performance. Due to this we have been given many prestigious gigs alongside bands such as Desaster, Destruction, Mourning Beloveth and Anata among others. Also we have played Irish festivals such as Day of Darkness and Whiplash metalfest, as well as playing major festivals abroad such as Way of Darkness and Q.O.M. Open Air in Germany.

To date we have recorded four cd's (two EP's and two promo cd's). Each one has brought us closer to the sound that we wish to achieve and now with our newest release entitled Cloaked In Doctrine we feel we have reached a sound that represents the bands hard work over the years. We now intend to continue gigging both home and abroad in support of our new release, as well as continuing towards writing our first full album.Quelle: - Ground Of Ruin (Demo)

2006 - Visions Of Obscenity (Demo)

2007 - Promo 2007

2008 - Cloaked In Doctrine (EP)


Cloaked In Doctrine - Cover
Die Iren GROUND OF RUIN haben sich 2003 gegründet und können bereits auf einige kleinere Veröffentlichungen zurückblicken.