Biografie* May 1999*

As Mithotyn was laid to rest Stefan Weinerhall decided to start a yet unnamed project musically not that different from Mithotyn but with clean singing.

During the summer 4 songs were written.

*Dec 1999*

The only demo was recorded with the help of a drum machine.
The tracks were Mindtraveller, Lord of the Blacksmiths, Entering Eternity (with different music than on the album) and Substitutional world (with different music and slightly different lyric than on the album. The pre-chorus was later used as pre-chorus in Trail of flames). When all music was recorded along with the vocal melodies played on guitar it was high time to find someone who could sing them instead. After some searching the local musical artist Mathias Blad was found. although this music was far from what he normally did he accepted to do the vocals.

*Mar 2000*

The demo had been sent out to a bunch of record labels, some showed interest and some didn't. After some talks Metal Blade was the ones who got to sign Falconer.
In the same time Karsten Larsson, the drummer from Mithotyn was recruited as fulltime drummer boy.

Mathias also accepted to become a steadier member in Falconer than just a session singer. Our intentions were to be just a studio band due to our line-up shortage and no ones to find in our surrounding. Also factors of laziness, nervousness and feeling that past shows we've had has not been worth all troubles, travelling and so on.

*Nov 2000*

The debut album was recorded and mixed in Los Angered recordings during 5 weeks by Andy La Rocque.

*Mar 2001*

The self titled debut album was released.

*Nov 2001*

The second album was recorded at Los Angered recordings during 5 weeks by Andy La Rocque once again.

*Jan 2002*

After getting requests from Bang your head and Wacken open air festivals for gigs we had to find some live musicians to fill the line up. Although we had no plans to play live from the beginning we couldn't say no to leading festivals. we didn't want to regret it afterwards. Anders Johansson and Peder Johansson were found through a common contact.

*Apr 2002*

Chapters from a vale forlorn was released.

*Jun 2002*

The very first nervous gig was done at Bang your head festival in Germany. Up till then we had rehearsed about 7 times with a full line-up. The distance between the band and the live members made it too difficult and expensive to rehearse every week. the response from the audience really surprised us and made us hungrier for live performances.

*Jul 2002*

Time for the second gig, Rock Machina in Spain. Not as nervous, but certainly more of an alcohol reeking evening afterwards.

*Aug 2002*

Wacken open air. We almost shit our pants as we steps up to the stage. "Do really that many want to see us" we said as we only felt like a garage band. We will never forget that gig.

Now most of us really wanted to try out going on tour and doing more gigs, well maybe all wanted but time got in the way.

*Nov 2002*

After realizing that Mathias couldn't find time to do a tour after the next album and knowing that he would be occupied a lot with musicals and other things in Sweden and Finland during the next year we had to do something. Mathias' passion was musicals and the rest of ours passion was Metal and Falconer.

The only way was to let everyone prioritise what they felt to be the right thing. Thus we parted ways with Mathias in friendly manors. One can't hold back four and four can't force one to turn his back to his passion and interest.

*Feb 2003*

Kristoffer Göbel from the band Destiny was the one to take Mathias' place. On the same time Anders and Peder was taken in as full members.

*May 2003*

The concept album The sceptre of deception was once again recorded in Los Angered. In the middle of the recording we did the first show with Kristoffer at the 2000 decibel festival in Sweden.

*June 2003*

Sweden's biggest metal festival Sweden rock festival got Falconized. One week after we flew to Cleveland, OH to play at the BW&BK weekend.

*Nov 2003*

The sceptre of deception was released.

*Jan 2004*

Falconer went on their first European tour for 2 weeks as headlining. Doomsword and Axenstar supported. Although a support tour would have been better for the band we didn't want to risk standing there with no tour so we took the offer. The tour was another highlight that we never will forget. The shows, the people, the crew and the other bands were really a nice experience for all of us. Maybe not that nice for the size of our belly and ass sizes but hey, let's party.

*May 2004*

The gig in Motala (Swe) was the last with Anders and Peder who were to leave the band due to musical differences and lack of time to drive up and down Sweden for rehearsals.
We also felt that we needed a bass player who would attend every rehearsal and get a "real" solo guitarist.

*Jun 2004*

Magnus Linhardt was tested as new bass player and passed the test, giving Falconer a "real" bassist instead of a guitarist playing bass which actually is a difference in sound and playing technique. He is also the bass player in Karsten's other band: Choir of vengeance.

*Sep 2004*

After looking for a new guitarist and getting a lot of interest an audition was held. The one most suitable for the job in all ways was Jimmy Hedlund who from now on is the lead guitarist of Falconer.

*Dec 2004*

Falconer enters Los Angered studios to record their 4:th album "Grime vs. grandeur."

The release is scheduled to the 2:nd of May 2005 by Metal Blade Rec.

*May 2005*

Grime vs. Grandeur was released.

*November 2006*

Mathias’ return was official, just as most of the new material to the next album was finished.

This was due to the fact that the new material was back in the place where Falconer belonged. Folk Heavy Metal!! Stefan felt that Mathias was the one who could do this material fair.

So does this mean there won’t be any live activity in the future since the first split with him was because of this matter? Well the band will probably play live but not that frequently.

*Feb/July 2006*

The next album “Northwind” was recorded and will be released during the fall with the first edition containing 4 Swedish traditional songs and a recording documentary video.

*August 2008*

For the sixth time they returned to Andy La Rocque´s studio Sonic train studio to record “Among beggars and thieves” which have a bit more tempo and action than it’s predecessor and with the lyrics revolving around the misery, poverty and hard times of medieval Sweden.Quelle: - Demo

2001 - Falconer

2002 - Chapters From A Vale Forlorn

2003 - The Sceptre Of Deception

2005 - Crime Vs. Grandeur

2005 - Nocturnal Rites/Falconer (Split)

2006 - Northwind

2008 - Among Beggars And Thieves

2011 - Armod


The Sceptre Of Deception - Cover
Nachdem ich so viel gutes über die ersten beidenFALCONER Scheiben gehört habe, musste ich doch mal einOhr in das neue Werk "The Sceptre Of Deception"