BiografieThe ideal of “hard living” used to be synonymous with hardcore/punk. Clashing with authority, facing life's woes and the victimizing effect society can crash down upon weary shoulders were standard institutions that fueled the greatest creative minds and outlets. Gone are those days of desperation. Outrage is now faked and urgency is mimed by multi-generational clones who’ve never known what the wrong side of the tracks look like.

Heaven forbid someone shouts what the world really looks like; the dirt, the grime… And no one dares to throw retribution back at the social order. Like a caged beast living under the yolk of a destructive and gritty civilization, retaliation must come. When humanity has run amok, unchecked with its coldness, there needs to be a line in the sand.

When thoughts are chained and oppressed, when ideas are beaten out of the masses with propaganda, what hope is there to cast off the shackles and think freely, to see how the world really is?

Does anyone dare throw reprisal at this dark culture where society’s sickly grasp tightens around the neck of the outraged?

Despair gives way to anger which can only be bottled for so long before the truth comes roaring, comes shouting, resisting and defying with every ounce of strength until the truth be known to all that can hear.Quelle: same EP


Deathspirit (EP) - Cover
Bei DEATHSPIRIT sind keine Anfänger am Start, die Querverweise reichen zu THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT, PAINT THE TOWN RED und WITHIN WALLS.