BiografieThe first rehearsals of the pre-DEATHRONATION band took place in 2004 when B. Cunthammer (guit., vox. ), Stiff Old (guit., vox.) and Eyehate (drums) started their noisecelebrations in an old bunker. A number of songs has been written in that time and a first live gig took place. In 2005 Cunthammer left the band because of lack of time. Some months later S. Muerte (bass) and Randy Rots (lead-guitar) joined the band and DEATHRONATION was born.

After a number of rehearsals and first live-gigs the band recorded the well adopted "A Soil forsaken" in October/November 2006. This 4-track demo contained the songs "Realm of Shadows", "Beyond Relevation", "Curse from the Grave" and "Marooned" and proved, that a nowadays band was still able to play Old-School-Deathmetal. After that time DEATHRONATION played several gigs with bands like Blizzard, Dead Congregation, Golem, Necros Christos, Kaamos, Nocturnal Breed, Pentacle, Portrait, Sufferage, Slugathor, Warhammer, Wolfthorn and many more.

The following year saw the first of a number of upcoming line-up changes which left S. Old in the end as the only remaining constant. Needless to say, that the often advertised second demo never saw the light of day. In 2009 the band was finally put on ice. But it was always clear, that the DEATHRONATION flagship will gather momentum again. It took several months until the line-up problems have been solved. Now, in the second half of 2010 the band consists out of the strongest line-up ever. First, Mr. Freeze entered the band as a new drummer, soon after that S. Muerte rejoined the band on the bass guitar and B. Cunthammer returned to complete the line-up as a constant guitarplayer. Weeks of intense rehearsals started to bring the band up the the old level and nowadays even much higher.Quelle: - Exorcism www


Exorchrism - Cover
DEATHRONATION lärmen sich schon seit einigen Jahren durch den Untergrund, haben jetzt aber erst mit „Exorchrism“ eine weltweit vertriebene Scheibe, auf der sich auch einige Demosongs finde