by Gast
BiografieDEATHFIST was started by Markus after splitting from Mortal Remains in October 2008. The aim of the new project was to record and release material already written.

Shortly after the “DEATHFIST-Project” was announced, Tormentor (Desaster, Metalucifer) offered his services to record the drum tracks. Vocalist Corinna also decided to leave Mortal Remains and concentrate on DEATHFIST.

The project has developed so much fun it was decided to work on making DEATHFIST more than just a “recording project”, and finally Bass-Player Martin B. (Midnight Rider, Metalucifer) completed the band.

In February '09 we released our first demo.
It is available for download at

The studio versions of the demo songs (+ 1 new song) will be released in Summer ’09 on 7” vinyl via High Roller Records. The first “live” appearance of the band is scheduled for Friday, 17th July 2009 in Euskirchen at the “Hard & Heavys Summernight”-Festival. Quelle: - Demons (7" EP)


Demons (7" EP) - Cover
Bei DEATHFIST handelt es sich um die neue Band des ehemaligen MORTAL REMAINS-Recken Markus Wichmann, der mit DESASTER-Drummer und Szene-Urgestein Tormentor, Sängerin Corinna Becker (ebenfalls ex-MORTA