Death Is Not Glamorous

BiografieDeath Is Not Glamorous is a 5 piece band out of the Oslo, Norway. They started in the winter of '04 to play music that inspired them to make the best out of their lives so its no surprise that the lyrics have reflected this! Featuring members of Damage Control, DinG dropped one of the best demos in recent memory - 5 tracks of melodic hardcore punk which sounds like a hybrid of Lifetime, early Saves The Day, late Turning Point and Shelter. The demo was recently re-mastered and released in the US on State Of Mind.

We wasted no time in releasing the 'Undercurrents' record on 7" and CD. The 7" has recently reached its 2nd press due to the bands non-stop touring! In early 2007 splits were released with Another Year (CYCLE RECORDS) and with good friends Down & Outs on D&G. The much loved demo was also pressed onto 7" and released by the band themselves. What next - a small rest and then a month touring in the US.

They are now currently holed up in the depths of Norway writing their upcoming debut LP and we can guarantee it will be something special to perk up your winter. Expects more tracks of positive melodic hardcore and thy sound that they have made their own.

Band : Even - Drums, Espen - Guitar, Christian - Vocals, Terje - GuitarQuelle: http://www.deadandgonerecords.comDiscografie2009 Soft Clicks



Soft Clicks - Cover
Aus Oslo kommt mit DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS schon seit längerem eine ordentlich Dosis old schooligen Hardcores, der in der Tradition von GET UP KIDS oder