Death By Design

BiografieThe Story of DEATH BY DESIGN starts in the middle of the 90’s in Rambouillet - France (78), in Parisian suburbs. Evolving first under the name of NO SOBRIETY, the band makes its first weapons under a thrash/death with efficacity and a few melodies.
After a first demo CD in 1998, the band ran all the scene opening for great acts such as No Return, Watcha, Black Bomb A, Enhancer, Oversoul, Killers in France and also inGermany & Belgium.

In 2001, NO SOBRIETY released a cover of French cult band S.U.P. which is selected for the triple album "A Tribute to S.U.P." (INNER SIDE records/distr. SONY), and soon the band issued “Here Comes The Breath”, their first mCD that became demo of the month in Rock Hard France.

The band is presented like one of most promising of the new French metal scene.

Thus, it appears necessary for the band to cross a course. NO SOBRIETY becomes DEATH BY DESIGN! That starts by the arrival of three new members (ex CIRRHOSIS, QUADRYSS and FREEWAY) who accelerate at the same time the extreme and brutal metal vision of the band while reinforcing its melody side.

Death Metal of DEATH BY DESIGN takes form then, being maintained in a resolutely traditional way while becoming surprising, even experimental, brutal and relentless. The addition of melodies, hitch, traditional plans and the alchemy of two vocals types (first one yelling, the other one purely Death) strengthen songs and radicalise the whole music without complaining into the current.

The result gives "Discreation", a CD which reunites with Death Metal of the Nineties, clearly revealed by its production voluntarily cleared up in order to highlight the many breaks and changes in rhythms.
Then, songs goes from infernal rhythmic parts to some of the most incisive riffs with tortured & unhealthy coming more from the Doom scene. & the whole is powdered with some well felt innovations, but always in the name of a solid death metal approach.
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