Dark Moor

BiografieDark Moor was formed in 1994 in Madrid (Spain) & recorded their debut album ´´Shadowland´´ in the summer of 1999.
Dark Moor did some appreciated live preformances supporting Demons & Wizards in their Spanish Tour , it was a good chance to be discovered by a big crowd of Spanish Metal fans.
Dark Moor began the recording sessions of their second album ´´The Hall Of The Olden Dreams´´ in August 2000 at New Sin Studios with the producer Luigi Stefanini. During these recording sessions the band recorded the cover ´´Halloween´´ which was included in the Cd ´´The Keepers Of Jericho´´ - A Tribute To Helloween - (Arise Records ).
The E.P ´´The Fall Of Melnibone´´ was released in June 2001.This E.P was a Ltd. Edition (1.500 copies) only released for the Spanish market.
Dark Moor began the recording of their third album ´´The Gates Of Oblivion ´´ in the autumn of 2001 at New Sin Studios.Dark Moor signed with the major label J.V.C for the Asia. The band plays 18 gigs, getting an incredible response in festivals such as Rock Machina, Viña rock or Nit De Reis.
After the first part of the Tour,Robert (Keyboards) left the band and it owes to the band to finish the Tour with a guest musician.Quelle: http://www.arisemetal.comDiscografie1999 Shadowland CD

2000 The Hall Of The Olden Dreams CD

2001 The Fall Of Melnibone E.P

2002 The Gates Of Oblivion CD

2003 Between Light And Darkness CD


Between Light And Darkness - Cover
Der Beginn des neuen Albums (und des letzten in alter Besetzung) von DARK MOOR erinnert doch schon etwas an Blackmore’s Night.
Das gerade viele Bands versuchen, auf die Power Metal Welle aufzuspringen und ne runde mitsurfen wollen ist ja bekannt und das ist auch gut so ( da spricht das Herz eines Power Metallers) .
The Gates Of Oblivion - Cover
Dort wo die Spanier bei ihrem letzten Album "The Hall Of The Olden Dream” aufgehört haben, machen sie auf "The Gates Of Oblivion" auch weiter.
The Hall Of The Olden Dreams - Cover
Mit etwas zweigeteilten Erinnerungen blicke ich noch auf das Debütalbum "Shadowland" der spanischen Melodic Metaller von Dark Moor zurück.