Dark Disciple

BiografieDark Disciple, hailing from the darkest bowels of Baltimore, Maryland USA, formed March 1999. From the beginning, they have been on a path of destruction, unleashing vile brutality. Their first onslaught in the underground came in 2000, with the demo "When the Wicked Inherit the Earth." -- four tracs of heavy, sadistic chaos. With song titles like "Dead Cell Manifestation" and "I am Suicide", the band began bringing the dark sides of reality into light.

In 2002, striving to become more of an unavoidable threat to the mainstream, their music took on a darker, more satanic nature. "Beneath the Inverted Cross", Dark Disciple´s second demo, confronted the Church, God, and his followers. With all three songs reaching the top 50 in the MP3 charts, this demo was the pivotal point in Dark Disciple´s future. Raving reviews came in, radio stations began steady rotations of all three songs, webzines requested interviews, and Dark Disciple was hailed with high horns by fans all over the world.

In 2003, with only 2 of the original members remaining, the synergy between the current 5 members of Dark Disciple is the strongest in the history of the band. However, they find themselves at a crossroad, once again making it necessary to decide the direction and purpose of their music. Their opposition to the mainstream, anti-religious sentiments, and a pure hatred for the evil that exists in society, dictated a new dimension in today´s death metal. With songs like "Serving the Priest" and "666 Stab Wounds", the lyrics on this debut album speak of such vile substance that it could only be entitled, "Unholy Hate Gore". -- a well structured balance of technical and creative superiority.Quelle: Kill Everything, Worship Nothing


Kill Everything, Worship Nothing - Cover
Amis, Death Metal, Splatter-Cover - da bleibt nicht mehr viel zu sagen.