(Damn) This Desert Air

Biografie(DAMN) THIS DESERT AIR create big, booming, melodic rock wide in its breadth, sound and scope. Injected with heavy space riffs, a foundation of post-hardcore and a ton of heart, (Damn) This Desert Air are finding an audience who not only desire a thick, full blast of sound, but also attention to dynamic detail in their music. Creating memorable songs that also have a few left turns are what make (D)TDA stand firmly on their feet.
Though the members of (D)TDA have resigned from notable bands such as Instruction (Geffen); Nora (Trustkill); Elemae (Engineer); Merciana (Engineer); Ex Number Five (OneDaySavior); The Fire Still Burns (Blackout!); and No Reward, it is the current sound they've created together that have set them apart from their pasts, and shed new light for a vigorous future. They’ve been purposely self-managing themselves since the bands inception, giving them a realistic approach at building the band on their terms, at a manageable pace in today’s fickle musical climate.

Since self-releasing their own debut EP1 to well-received audiences, they've took part in a tribute compilation to 90's space rock veterans Failure on Pop Up Records, joined in a limited edition split 7" single with ex-Codeseven/Classic Case veterans Telescreen on Texas' boutique label Koi Records and have also been on numerous compilations such as taste-making blog site Exploding In Sound's debut download comp.

Now signed by Bastardized Recordings (Germany) and Pop Up Records (USA), (Damn) This Desert Air plan to bring their new Distance Waits EP to an audience even greater than before. The forthcoming EP will feature 5 new songs and a very special 6th remix track commanding your attention. With mixing credits including Brian Virtue (Jane's Addiction, Deftones, 30 Seconds To Mars), mastering by West West Side's Alan Douches and attention to detail every step of the way, be ready for some high-impact audio which sews together both heavy rock and intimate ambience with similar intensities, neither one sacrificing itself for the other.Quelle: www


Distance Waits - Cover
(DAMN) THIS DESERT AIR sind eine Überraschung im Bastardized Records-Stall, bieten die New Yorker doch sehr ruhige Töne, die an THRICE und RADIOHEAD erinnern, also mithin nicht das sind, womit das Lab