Code For Silence

BiografieFrom Jyväskylä, the middle part of Finland rises the 7-headed toxic hybrid to stimulate your intellectual censors. Bastard including members from several other bands such as Manufacturer's Pride, Beyond The Dream, Stratovarius, Solution .45, Bone5 and No Sign of Life was formed in late 2006 by keyboardist Komi and guitarist Liekkala. Besides Komi and Liekkala Code For Silence has discovered the solid crossover of diverse characters: Ström - Vocals, Kattainen - Bass, Pilve - Drums, Kaikkonen - Vocals and Luukkonen - Guitars. After releasing the debut album D.ecaying M.atter / O.rganic N.emesis via Off Records Finland in June 2009 the dark-minded boy band's been hungry for subsequent step and is ready to unleash the hell. With two destructive voices, groovy riffs, headbanging rhythms and death metal's intensity combined to industrial overtone they are ready to guarantee the extreme music experience for you.Quelle: - Eyes World Shut www


Eyes World Shut - Cover
Wer in Finnland keine Band am Start hat, muss doch mittlerweile als Außenseiter gelten – anders lässt sich die nicht abebbende Schwemme an neuen Bands aus dem Land der tausend Seen nicht erkläre