Brain Drill

BiografieBrain drill started in the summer of 2005 by dylan ruskin on guitars as a sideproject. After parting from his main band BURN AT THE STAKE, he began looking for drummers that could actually play death metal and not just claim they could. Enter Marco pitruzella. Former drummer of: VITAL REMAINS, VILE, VORNAGAR, THE FACELESS, ATROCIOUS HYSTERIA, NUMA, and a few other extreme metal bands. After meeting marco it was easily recognized that he was easily in the top 10 fastest drummers in the world and instantly was joined into the band. After a few months of jamming Steve Rathjen was then later put onto vocals. BRAIN DRILL enterd the studio on march 1st 2006 to release their first 6 song demo. All 6 of the drum tracks were done the day before recording in one take by marco pitruzella. There was no editing and nothing was done over, HE BUSTED IT ALL IN A MATTER OF UNDER 2 HOURS!!! with no help from any computers or metronomes in the process. The next day the guitars and bass were added by dylan and produced by Zack ohren at CASTLE ULTIMATE STUDIOS. On May 9th Steve entered castle ultimate to lay down the vocal tracks. He had only 4 days to learn the songs and lyrics and laid them all down in under 3 hours. Unfortunately he left the band shortly after the recording due to stylistic differences. After parting with steve the band quickly picked up Andre Cornejo the singer from DEAD SYNDICATE, and quickly picked all of the material up. In the winter of 2006 Jeff Hughell (Vile, Mucus Membrane, Osmium) was then added to the band as the new and permanent bassist. With mind blowing style and speed and innovative finger tapping techniques using a 7 string bass, the songs did not take him too long to learn. It was quite obvious he was a perfect fit into the now 4 piece arsenal. Although in the summer of 2007 andre was replaced by steve rathjen due to a complete difference in vocal style. Steve returned and is now more dedicated then ever to more and more increase the heaviness of brain drill's sound. As of now BRAIN DRILL has shared the stage with bands such as : CANNIBAL CORPSE,DYING FETUS, NECROPHAGIST, UNMERCIFUL, JOB FOR A COWBOY, ALL SHALL PERISH, DECREPIT BIRTH, ODIOUS MORTEM, AS I LAY DYING and very many other extreme metal bands. In addition BRAIN DRILL has come in at number 1 in the top 10 myspace grindcore band charts in the world and has also come in at number 11 in the top 20 myspace death metal charts in the world. As well as being recommended in an interview with ALEX WEBSTER of CANNIBAL CORPSE as a “pretty fucking sick” band that has more and more pushed the limits of extreme modern death metal click here for full interview. With a following that grows by the thousands everyday, Currently BRAIN DRILL is looking for shows to play and people to meet. NOW SIT BACK AND ENJOY THIS SOUNDTRACK TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.Quelle: Quantum Catastrophe

2008 Apocalyptic Feasting


Apocalyptic Feasting - Cover
Drummer Marco war bei VITAL REMAINS, während Basser Jeff auf VILE zurückblickt.
Quantum Catastrophe - Cover
BRAIN DRILL haben nach ihrem Debütalbum kräftig gekifft und ebenso kräftig das Line-Up durcheinander gebracht, die VITAL REMAINS- und VILE-Querverweise finden sich nicht mehr in der Biografie der aktu