Black Thoughts Bleeding

BiografieIf you don't go forwards you step backwards. So it was quite clear for drummer Ben Overmann (Circle Of Grin, Psycho Luna) and bass player Rainer Classen, that they had to go back on those stages they performed on all over Europe, after their split from Koroded. Straight they joined the two guitar players Dominik Göbbels (New Noise Crisis) and Markus Kleinertz, worked out and recorded the first instrumentals soon after. Coming from the small area around Cologne, they found local singer Dominik Szelinski to fit the spot as a member of the band. Four weeks after their initial rehearsal, they played their first live show. When passion turns to fashion and trendy kids step up to the stage without even being able to play two riffs in a row, BLACK THOUGHTS BLEEDING are happy to not join into these fashion shows. They do not calculate which part of any “Core” fits into the songs or whether there are enough brutal breakdowns. Instead they focus on doing what they think is right. They just mix their influences of 80’s and 90’s metal, hardcore and modern metal. With tremendous energy and persistence they are writing more songs and working on playing live to show that honest passion survives any category and any hype.Quelle: Discografie2008 Tragedy Of Evolution EP


Stomachion - Cover
Der Plattenvertrag für BLACK THOUGHTS BLEEDING war keine große Überraschung: die „Tragedy Of Evolution“-EP bot ziemlich guten Stoff, zudem dürften die beteiligten Musiker aus ihren Zeiten
Tragedy Of Evolution (EP) - Cover
BLACK THOUGHTS BLEEDING ist das gemeinsame Projekt einiger Kölner Musiker, die Querverweise zu u.a. KORODED und CIRCLE OF GRIN aufweisen können.