Black River

BiografieBlack River is quite a new band. People who formed it, differ a lot between each other concerning their musical worlds and tastes. In Black River they can just let the things go. What is usually not allowed in their bands (Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Vesania, Rootwater) is always welcome here, in Black River. Together they've made some explosive mixture of very energetic kickass hard rock music. Black River is like back to the roots, a tribute to tradition and organic, analogue sound.

Their debut album, 'Black River' has been released in May 2008 in Poland exclusively, on Mystic Production. The release was followed by a series of shows in Poland and a couple of headlining tours with suprisingly good turnouts.
In September 2009 'Black'n'Roll', second Black River album hit the streets. Right away, the band showed up on tour headlined by Behemoth.

Currently Black River is looking for a record label outside of Poland. Quelle: - Black´n´Roll


Black´n´Roll - Cover
Hinter dieser auf den ersten Blick völlig unscheinbaren Truppe aus unserem Nachbarland Polen verbirgt sich kein blutiger Newcomer, sondern in gewissem Sinn eine „Allstar-Band“.