Black-Out Beauty

Biografielack-Out Beauty is a band from Luxemburg and its definitely difficult to say, what their music exactly is about. Since their creation in 2006 the band played numerous gigs with both local and foreign acts like Six feet under, Illdisposed, Emmure, Bury your dead, genghis thron,final breath, don caballero, your demise. Two years, three demo-tapes and a few line-up changes later it is assumed that the Luxemburg quintette made its mark within the scene and also is well known to the foreign metalheads. In answer to some pretty well performed gigs in some European countries and a Austria/Germany-tour with the deathmetal heavyweights SIX FEET UNDER and ILLDISPOSED the band is looking ahead optimistically and is now focusing on more shows outside their country. They like to call their – in a way: idiosyncratic – style of music “psykecore”, a very modern mixture of “death-“, “grind-” and many more different “core”-elements, strictly commited to the motto: “louder – harder – faster”. Just now the band is working hard on their first full-length, which will be released next year ...

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Horrortrip - Cover
BLACK-OUT BEAUTY stammen aus Luxemburg, sind zu fünft unterwegs und haben mit “Horrortrip” eine passable EP geschrieben, mit der sie unter Death Metal-Freunden auch außerhalb ihres kleinen