BiografieAllfader hails from Mo i Rana in Northern Norway, and plays brutal, melodic, dark metal.
The band was formed by John and Finn in February 2001, and the first demo ‘Nightfall’ was recorded in April/May the same year.
The first demo landed Allfader a deal with Rage of Achilles to release a MCD.

November 11th 2002 Allfader´s debut MCD "From the Darkest Star" was released through Rage of Achilles. The MCD contains the band´s entire second demo, two re-recorded tracks from the first demo, and two new never-released songs. The band held a release party and played a live set which went extremely well.

The band later split with Rage Of Achilles, but determined to prevail recorded several demos and played some shows in Norway, and at the same time honing the material that would shape their debut album.

In May 2005 Allfader recorded their debut album, ‘At Least We Will Die Together’ in Hansen Studios. The resuIts are fabulous! Nine smashing tracks with superb production and a great performance from everyone in the band. The album is ready to be released on Osmose Productions in September 2006.Quelle: http://www.allfader.comDiscografie2006 At Least We Will Die Together

2002 From The Darkest Star EP


At Least We Will Die Together - Cover
Es gibt Momente im Leben, da weiß man, dass man am Arsch ist. Nix geht mehr, die Chance auf Rückzug oder Flucht ist verbaut. Dann gibt es nur die Methode "alles oder nichts".